Guo Fucheng disclosed the two daughter's personality, and the sister loves beauty like her father, her sister Wen Jing is like Fang Yuan

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Guo Fucheng disclosed the two daughter's personality, and the sister loves beauty like her father, her sister Wen Jing is like Fang Yuan

2022-06-24 12:32:39 3 ℃

On June 23, Guo Fucheng and Nicholas Tse, Mai Junlong, Maggie Cheung and others appeared in Hong Kong's Central Fashion Activity.

Maggie Cheung appeared rarely. It turned out that it was not a star guest, but to perform the discs for everyone at the scene.

Nicholas Tse and Guo Fucheng, the two genuine singers, watched Zhang Manyu, who was the actor, to play discs, and couldn't help but swing his body with the rhythm of music.

The appearance of Maggie Cheung has snatched the limelight of other stars, but she is quite low -key and has not been interviewed by the media. During the performance, she was wearing a mask. Everyone couldn't see her appearance.

As a celebrity guest, Guo Fucheng generously took off the mask to let the media take pictures, and talked about his wife and daughter in the visit.

It is reported that in order to thank his wife Fang Yuan for taking care of the family, Guo Fucheng would buy a bag for his wife, and the couple's relationship was quite sweet.

As a king of heaven, Fang Yuan is a famous brand every time she appears, and the outside world is purchased by Guo Fucheng by default.

The bags carried by Fang Yuan are generally not too expensive. The price is about 200,000 yuan. As Mrs. Guo Fucheng, she is low -key.

The price of these bags is just Jiu Niu and a hairy for Guo Tianwang.

Guo Fucheng revealed that he would usually go shopping with his wife and buy clothes for two daughters.

Guo Fucheng and Fang Yuan got married in 2017, and after marriage, they gave birth to two daughters in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

Guo Fucheng revealed that the eldest daughter's personality follows her father and loves beauty very much. Now she knows how to match clothes. Every time she goes out to go shopping, she will choose clothes by herself. , Exactly the same as me. "

The appearance and character of the little daughter are like mother Fang Yuan. They are relatively quiet, and they are as quiet as her sister.

In the past Father's Day, Guo Fucheng received a gift made by two daughters himself. They were filled with different patterns on the card and wrote "Happy Father’ s Day (Happy Father's Day) ", which made Guo Tianwang sweet in his heart.

Nicholas Tse, who was filming the new drama "Customs Front" in Hong Kong, was wearing sunglasses after arriving. It turned out that he was injured in the corner of his right eye and left a slight scar.

About three weeks ago, Nicholas Tse was shooting a scene jumping from a height of more than ten meters. When he tried the location, he was accidentally injured by glasses because he forgot to take off his glasses.

Nicholas Tse said that the injury was caused by his negligence, and the wound was relatively long, leaving scars on his face. He said that he would ask the doctor's opinion to see how to remove the scars. I believe that there will be no scars.

It turned out that after Nicholas Tse was injured, her mother Dibara knew immediately that although she was worried about her son, there was no way, because this was Nicholas Tse's job.

Nicholas Tse also promised her mother that she would try to be as careful as possible in the future.

After completing a new film in Hong Kong, Nicholas Tse returned to Beijing in July to prepare for the next movie.

The reporter made fun of his "people who couldn't bear Beijing (Faye Wong) and things", and he laughed just a job arrangement.

In addition, his father Xie Xian won many best actor awards with "Killing Dusk", and Nicholas Tse praised his father's "good prestige".

As for whether Father's Day received a gift from the two sons, Nicholas Tse refused to respond and did not want to talk about private affairs.