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My path to chasing

2022-06-24 12:33:04 4 ℃

(It feels like a miscellaneous Hhhhhh after writing)

First of all, why I want to talk about this issue recently because of two points. The first is that I have recently entered the trough of life again. I have burned hope again and again. I feel like I am joking with me. The star chasing is the fastest and most effective way for myself to find these troubles. The second is that my sister also started chasing the stars, reminding me of what I started chasing the star. So I want to talk about these things.


I started chasing stars in elementary school. On Children's Day, I rehearsed Super Junior's "Super Girl" with my classmates. Although the show was finally brushed, it was a period of experience that I would always remember. Start up with long hair, dancing in front of the classmates and teachers, and I have experienced it.

But Super Junior did not chase for a long time. The reason I felt because of my young age, and there were no many ways to chase stars, and it slowly faded.


The next step is Hyuna (I have chased the longest, until now).

Hyuna Advertising Photo

Hyuna is my original intention. Why is it? In fact, it is necessary to say that it is not necessary to say that KPOP was really hot at that time. Why do you like Hyuna? I can't remember it. Maybe she thinks she looks beautiful and looks very confident on the stage. She is envious of her and wants to be her. To analyze the heart at that time, there was even a particularly naive idea, chasing her is a "fashion". In 2012, "Jiangnan Style" swept the world, and Hyuna was also very eye -catching as the heroine of the MV. I really watched that MV many times. There is also the song "Ice Cream". I also learned to hold colorful strokes in my hand and brush the MV on the Yueyue Terrace. I remember 4minute to come up every day, and there was a Mid -Autumn Festival afterwards. At that time, I was excited and watched the TV.

In addition to Hyuna, there are 2NE1, young, f (x), AOA, TARA, Nine Muses, Sister, Stellar, Apink, EXO and so on. They also cache a lot of MVs on the Yueyatta. I remember that there was a MV scene falling down from the sky. I have this clip in my head now. Stellar is because of her scale. TARA is a robot dance. In fact, most of them are girls. Girls are easier to appreciate girls!

From 2012-2015, I went to see the live broadcast. No matter how I understand, or whether the award is divided into pork, it is really necessary to say that the stage is really a god-level stage. Do n’t see it too much. At that time, during the preparation of the art test, their music really accompanied my boring days. There are also some of their film and television works, such as Zheng Endi’s "Unreasonable Forward", Xue Xuan's "Orange Jam", etc. (I don’t know if you have watched it Hhhhh)


Maybe it may come from the second generation, or it may be my own star -chasing radar. I especially like the strength group. The members of the strength group also like to sing well and have characteristics. (Ehdi, Hyuna, Xiaolin ...) So I fell into Mamamoo's radish pit! Intersection Until now, I finally have money! Intersection Intersection I started buying albums and buying small cards. In less than half a year, my truck from one page 3 card version to 4 card versions to one page 9 card version. Eating food in the spirit. My album also bought more than a dozen books from one or two books, one or two books, and I also bought a cabinet to put these albums. But now after that kind of excitement, I just want one book to keep me for collection.


Mamamoo really brought me a lot of fun and spiritual power. The four girls brought me the light to me when my life was trough. Their debut experience and their efforts after their debut all inspired me. My pressure disappears with their smiles. "If I do not meet the existing and beautiful standards, I will become a new standard." Mom ~ What is the queen's speech? It is really hard to love. Her lazy voice and the way of doing things attract me. "Lazy hell does not have Jin Rongxian" to study steel pipe dance, test car test, and now perform operas. There are not many people who work hard in the impetuous entertainment industry now. When the trainees failed dozens of interviews, we still did not give up. Our singer queen, our captain Jin Rongxian. From a small company step by step to the present, the 18 -year death itinerary has been returned four times a year. The commercial performances of various small countries, the domestic shopping mall performances in South Korea, have a car accident on the road, and performed against gauze ...

It can be said that the current achievements are already a miracle for this small company, but this miracle is not accidental, but because they are in exchange for hard work!


Turning back to entertainment, my favorite star is Zhao Liying. From "The Legend of Lu Zhen" to "Knowing", I have chased it. I really like the big fat Shan in "Shan Shan is here", which is particularly cute. She was not a specialist, but her efforts were in their eyes. I also saw her acting skills little by little, and gradually grew from a little girl to a powerful actor who could be alone. Whether it is KPOP or internal entertainment, the person I like to work hard, the person who has the strength and talent and then is still working hard to make me eat it. These points are crazy to attract me. I also hope that I can be as strong as them as strong as them. Become a successful person through hard work. Their smile always heal me so much. Chasing the stars is really a very happy thing, but it must be a positive pursuit and a rational chase. They can enrich my spiritual world, and it is a seasoning in my life. Sometimes I even feel that I have something to wait when chasing a drama or waiting for me. It is a small motivation I look forward to the future. Especially the epidemic has been stealing my time, and life is even more boring. I really need them. Chasing the stars is really part of my life.

Zhao Liying


Ah ~ Now I have picked up another BL circle in Thailand, which is really too much. I also slowly have a certain understanding of the actor in Thailand. They are really good. Everyone has its own personality charm. Bible, cute and exploded Build, when you meet them, I know that there are still such beautiful people in the world. They all say that the Thai entertainment industry is a noble son, but they can not see their overseas Chinese contrition at all, but work. Careful attitude, understanding the script, exploring and learning during the first filming, and then shooting such an excellent work- "Grand Gang Master Fall in Love with Me", this drama will open the door of me to chase Thai entertainment! Recently, I have encountered unhappy things. This time they spend it with me. The star chasing is fun. People must be happy, interested, my interest can bring me fun to make me happy, This is enough!

My men

Especially these four

Hahahahaha I think some of these people who write must have something that does not understand and does not recognize, but I also feel that there will be friends who think with me, like -minded friends! Intersection I hope that people I like can continue to bring me confidence, motivation, and good mood to make me overcome all the difficulties!