Gossip broke the news: Zhang Bichen's left ear deaf melon?Big S Gejun's melon?Yang Mi Ti Big Zhang Da Da

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Gossip broke the news: Zhang Bichen's left ear deaf melon?Big S Gejun's melon?Yang Mi Ti Big Zhang Da Da

2022-06-24 12:34:32 7 ℃

Pay attention to Uncle Hui's news every day. More in the entertainment industry is right and wrong

1. Da S Junjun is still updated from time to time anyway, especially the current husband has a variety show recently on the other side of the H country. It can only be recognized by the big S to the topic. After the details of the people met again, they also exposed wedding photos and wedding scene photos. It looked very sweet (just a bit of marketing, it was a bit annoying).

If you can feel it, Da S really does not want to eat kimchi, she wants to stay in the Gulf, she also promises to her family that she will never leave the Bay Bay, so when she was just married, she was already using the contacts The relationship helps the new husband to find a job. Although the husband is still in his hometown, she pushes a few hot searches a day, which also means in advance. She will show some news to Jun Jun in private, saying that he is very popular now, and he should hit the iron while it is hot. In China, the man was already out of breath in the kimchi country. After knowing that he was very popular in China, he was really tempted to stay in the Bay Bay.

On the other hand, the ex -husband's family has not been given up to the custody of the two children. When Zhang Lan live broadcast, some netizens left a message "Bring the grandson and grandson back". Zhang Lan responded to "dreaming for dreaming". This is also Wang Xiaofei's voice, but unfortunately He really can't fight for big S. Before being stolen by the real hammer marriage, he also deliberately put pressure on Da S by fighting public opinion, but was beaten to flowers. Don't look at Wang Xiaofei every day on the Internet. Da S is ignored, but in fact, she is full of packets around her. To deal with Wang Xiaofei, and Da S knew too much about Wang Xiaofei, casually was his pain, so she didn't need to stand up to say anything, and she was able to press Wang Xiaofei directly by public opinion. 2. Yang Mi Zhang Da

The relationship between Yang Mi and Zhang Dada is really good. At least they are often played together. They are frequent visits to eat and play games in private. From the perspective of popularity and passers -by, most people think that Yang Mi people are people. It is always willing to play with Zhang, and Master Hammer also saw that some people said that the woman would bring the man. In fact, these are really a bit tip. People can play together to have a related element, and more importantly, there are some platform relationships behind the man.

If someone uses the word "carrying", it is really more than Zhang Da. People have no shortage of resources by their own relationship. What is lacking is only the popularity. However, recently he also found the right route, that is, the funny self -setting of the earth. Not long ago, he took the initiative to post on Weibo and said that he wanted to make a show by himself, and replied to the proposal of various things in the comment area. It really made some netizens. I think he still has a little meaning (he really wants to do a show, it is not difficult, and it is related and rich, but it is unlikely to invite the lineup of things proposed by netizens. In addition, looking for friends such as Yang Mi and other friends As long as there is a high probability of schedule, it will be given face). 3. Zhang Bichen

Hua Chenyu Zhang Bichen is still in the case of continuous fermentation ~ 23rd, some netizens have picked up Zhang Bichen's deaf ear melon. It happened that her deaf time happened to coincide with her premature delivery time, so some people thought she thought she thought she. It is suffering from postpartum sequelae, which led to such irreparable physical disability. As a singer, how important it is to listen, so the focus of the matter was transferred to Hua Chenyu again. It is so miserable that you don't have to bear any responsibility.

The follow -up things became bigger and bigger. Even the parties Zhang Bichen also posted a Weibo clarifying that his left ear was deaf and had no relationship with having a child. He was doing well now. The heat of related rumors! ...... Why, Zhang Bichen is obviously a scene. You must know that when she gave birth to a child, the situation was really dangerous. Both she and the children were hospitalized for a long time and had a lot of grievances. The reason why this melon is in trouble is mainly a few days before Tianhua Chenyu fans tear up X Zhang Bichen and make rumors that her surrogacy is caused. Once the news is related to this type of news, Zhang Bichen may be blocked. Fortunately, she had her own postpartum photos, which was perfect for the public relations!

As a person in the circle, Zhang Bichen naturally understands that he is very important. In addition to the rumor, in order to retaliate against Hua Chenyu, she decisively gave herself a "grievance" setting. The victim's "settled to the peak, and now her and Hua Chenyu's passenger population can be said to be completely replaced. And Hua Chenyu and his fans are really stealing chickens, and they automatically send themselves to pit themselves ~ 4. Chef and daughter B talk about a chef and daughter's melon!

The chef was quite high in the early years, and he was very particular about the two words, but the mixed circle has been in the mixed circle for a long time, especially after the investment failure. After taste the taste of carrying a fart debt, his thoughts slowly happened. After changing, it is the most important thing that the big guy who has become a bullish and coquettish capital camp is the most important thing. After these years of hard work, he has also achieved some achievements. With less money, he entered the capital camp, but this is not enough for him. The most eager for him is power and status, and dreamed of becoming the absolute TOP level of the capital camp day and night. But this point is that he can't do it by himself. After all, his "drama" identity is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Those who are true, non -rich or expensive do not look at him at all, and he can't even melt in the circle of others. In the face of this situation, he also had some thoughts, thinking that he pushed his wife and daughter into the high -end connection circle for "wife communication" and "celebrity communication" (such as milk tea girl to the giants husband Dongge In this way, his status can go to the next level! No, in the past few years, his wife and his daughter frequently participated in the afternoon tea meal bureau of the ladies and wives. There is no way to do something for him at all; secondly, his daughter is also timid and unsightly, and the ladies lady looked down on ... It can be said that all his two cards lost. Later, he discovered that his daughter's pitiful vulnerable atmosphere was very popular for some male gangsters, so he arranged for her daughter to recognize several godfathers and take her daughter to the meal at the same time. Pua daughter, persuaded her daughter to help the entire family fly Huang Tengda only by doing so, and her daughter had to endure the emotion and pushed the cup on the dinner! Some people mocked the chef, saying that he wanted to "sell the price", emmm, so it was really miserable to want to come to his daughter ...