Deng Jiajia's new suspense drama was launched, but I did not expect the scale to shoot, but after watching 6 episodes, I couldn't help exporting.

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Deng Jiajia's new suspense drama was launched, but I did not expect the scale to shoot, but after watching 6 episodes, I couldn't help exporting.

2022-06-24 12:32:50 3 ℃

After thousands of calls, "Tongtian Tower" was finally broadcast.

I admit that I care.

I shouldn't expect every domestic suspense drama to reach the level of "Hidden Corner" and "Silent Truth".

Of course, it is estimated that I feel the gap, not just me.

After all, whoever lets this play is adapted from Cai Jun's original novels, who lets it have a gorgeous lineup such as Deng Jiajia, Qin Junjie, Li Meng, Xue Jianing, Hong Jiantao, and Huang Mengying.

Everything shows that this should be another work that has the opportunity to impact the peak of domestic suspense dramas.

But the result is that the reputation of the play is very polarized.

Some people praise that the suspense atmosphere of the episode is full, and the Deng Jiajia's shape is beautiful. Qin Junjie's image of the criminal police captain after the drama is also rough.

However, some people criticized that the story of the episode is too fragmented. The sense of suspense depends on a line of Deng Jiajia. The rhythm is too slow. As a female lead, Deng Jiajia's first six episodes of the first six episodes.

Is this controversial suspense drama?

Stay up late and brush the first six episodes. It is time to help you check the goods--

1. Let's talk about the advantages first: the opening atmosphere is full, Deng Jiajia is beautiful, Qin Junjie's acting skills are in place

On the outside, "Tongtian Tower" is actually good -looking.

Large -scale suspense scenes have always been one of the biggest highlights of suspense dramas.

Not long after the opening of "Tongtian Tower", the mysterious and fantasy and fantasy of the offender were presented together.

At the beginning, after a series of opponents and Liu Huan, the picture quickly cut the picture, and a female Internet celebrity body appeared on the river surface.

The land team (Qin Junjie) quickly arrived.

The deceased was an Internet celebrity anchor who received a one -to -one human model before her death.

But when the police found the model she quietly processed by her, she found that the wounds on the model were exactly the same as the female anchor.

Obviously, this is a trailer killing.

Police locked a taxi driver by monitoring, but found that the driver had been killed.

The suspect that the police finally locked not only avoided all the surveillance dead ends, but also left the police's many people to track. This person is the core criminal in the play- "water ghost".

At this point, the story begins, and the two suspense lines have been rolled:

A criminal detection line: the female corpse of the river, the death preview, the fish tank floating corpse finally became a real person. The murderer provoked the police three times and staged the cat and rat game with the land team.

The next goal seems to be Cheng Lijun, the richest man in the city. The project in her hand is called "Tongtian Tower".

Another secret room reasoning line: The heroine was followed by the end of the night and was abducted into the secret room.

Obviously someone is secretly manipulating everything, who is he?

As a suspense drama, the opening atmosphere of the episode is not weak.

The most commendable is a large number of thriller elements.

Especially the female lead, first a weird quietness, indicating that danger approaches.

After that, the hostess suddenly woke up and had been abducted. The weird room and the dummy of the house made the audience look cold.

Under the lens, as if there was a pair of eyes staring at the heroine at the dark, the horror atmosphere was full.

The criminal investigation part is also working hard to create an atmosphere, especially the fake corpse wounds and close -ups of the forensic room.

The female forensic doctor played by the male and his girlfriend and Huang Mengying was accidentally killed by the "water ghost", and pushed the tension of this line to a small climax.

Chongqing as a shooting place also adds points to the episode. The sense of space that Chongqing Forest itself has its own space, which is easy to integrate into the suspense plot, which is very impressed.

Suspense, thriller, and the ambitions of creating a suspense universe.

Under the rendering of horror, right and taste, it seems that it has begun to become "shocking step by step."

The heroine's shape is amazing, and the male actor is passing. If there is a good story, the episode will catch the audience.

2. Besides the disadvantages: the story is too scattered, the role of Li Meng is not flattering, and the love drama is noisy.

Unfortunately, the freshness of "Tongtian Tower" stops at the appearance.

Lizi, from the story of the story, to the character, it is difficult to look at the classic suspense drama.

First, there is insufficient suspense.

The essence of the original story is Cui Shan, who was trapped alone on the rooftop of the bad tail, and was struggling to live with the psychological game with the voyerer. The sense of suspense and story tension brought by the subjective perspective burst into a limited space. Essence

However, when a suspense novel with a limited pattern was stretched into a suspense drama of 30 episodes, the problem appeared.

From the first drama of the whole drama, the female lead Cui Shan and Liu Huan played each other in the rest of the life. The whole drama jumped back and forth directly on the two story lines.

Behind this is of course the ambition of the main creator, but the fact is that the two lines are not good. It feels like watching the two dramas.

The narrative rhythm of the episode is also severely dragged.

The rhythm of the criminal investigation is too slow, and a large number of reasoning dramas are unnecessary. The audience was forced to jump from one case to another, and there was a lack of necessary associations between the cases.

And Cui Shan was trapped in the trapped chamber, there was no head or tail, and the time was limited, as if in somehow.

As a result, after six episodes, the two story lines have not been connected yet. Cui Shan disappeared, and the male lead was unaware that the character that had died in the play did not associate with the heroine Cui Shan.

The audience can't see what the core story is, of course, the sense of suspense can't be established.

Second, there are too many character clues.

In addition to the two suspense main lines, there are the emotional lines of the male lead, and the female second -in workplace growth line.

The male lead only brought a near half of the plot when he bought an engagement ring. The second female was a swimmer, but now she is afraid of water.

In the six episodes of the plot, it is scattered in different clues. Instead, it seems that there is no focus. What the audience wants to see most is suspense.

Third, there are too many emotional dramas.

Shortly after the story, the emotional line of the male lead played by Qin Junjie and the girlfriend who had been in love in the play for ten years appeared.

The interactive drama of Qin Junjie and Huang Mengying is really romantic and sweet.

But isn't "Tongtian Tower" a suspense drama? Why suddenly the beautiful guy encountered together, the rhythm slowed down? As a result, the love drama dilutes the suspense atmosphere of the episode.

Another problem is that the characters are weak.

It is necessary to say that the episode gathers an actor with excellent votes, but no one seems to have given full play to his acting skills.

Qin Junjie played the criminal police captain's hard work to see the audience, but the main creator's shaping of this character was a little too hard.

In a car chasing scene, the male lead found that the suspect's mobile phone signal might be on a large truck. First, he led the team to intercept, and then flew into the truck to start the arrest.

Although the scene is thrilling, the male lead is extremely brave, but a traffic police can solve the problem that the roadblock can be solved.

Really wonderful characters do not need to add drama to the protagonist. The result of excessive shaping may be too late.

Li Mengsu's performance can also see the sincerity of the performance. The problem is that the role of this female criminal policeman is too awkward.

Except for the performance of all kinds of Dazhen, the most important thing is that if it wasn't for the female forensic doctor she played by Huang Mengying to find Cheng, the forensic doctor would not have an accident, but the play did not show the guilt of the character. What is even more worrying is that the role may also have emotional drama with the male lead.

Such a role shaping will definitely affect the audience's empathy for characters.

The female forensic doctor played by Huang Mengying went offline as soon as she glanced at a glance. It was really impressive. She was beautiful, gentle, and professional, but the problem was that she was too beautiful. Compared with the female forensic doctor in "White Night Chasing", she knew what I was talking about.

The biggest problem in the first six episodes is that a group of actors seem to be desperately shaping their characters, but the character's emotional transmission is not rich, and the audience can't feel what is good.

3. Summary: Domestic suspense dramas have not reached expectations. Where is the question?

Recently, the biggest feeling of domestic suspense dramas to the audience may be two words: disappointment.

From the previous "The Gate of Rebirth", "The Dark Night Walker", to the recent "Forensic Qin Ming Readers", "Corridor Pavilion", etc., they have their own advantages. Each of each drama is very strong. The point of view, there are many strengths to help, but the quality of the final presentation is not comparable to the "White Night Chasing Murder" and "Criminal Crime", which is not comparable to "Hidden Corner" and "Silent Truth". There is a feeling of stagnation.

As a suspense drama, many heavy dramas this year can't do both lines in parallel like "Silent Truth". They are doubtful and dense, and eventually it is suddenly open.

As a reasoning drama, the stories of these episodes are difficult to achieve the strict seams of "White Night Chasing the Fierce", which cannot bring the audience and the creator's "wisdom".

Finally, a suspense drama water line product was made.

The visual effect of thriller can make people look refreshing enough.

The vulgar story makes people feel endless.

For ordinary audiences, it seems that it is difficult to understand the stunning of the settings and character creation when watching "Hidden Corner".

Behind this, it is not necessarily that domestic suspense dramas are "lying down" in the comfort zone, or it may be exactly the director's ambition.

Just like "Tongtian Tower", it is like the drama created by the audience's watching habits.

The audience loves watching beautiful women, and also watching suspense and action scenes.

So Deng Jiajia was responsible for the beautiful thriller of the secret room. Qin Junjie was responsible for a wonderful chasing drama, and the mysterious "water ghost" assumed a serial murder story line.

But the problem is that the director wants to say too much, and it is difficult to control it. As a result, the story and the characters do not have enough chemical reactions.

It can be seen that "Tongtian Tower" attempts to complete a breakthrough to build a more magnificent suspense story pattern, inject stronger ambitions, and dig deeper themes.

Unfortunately, such attempts are unsuccessful. There is no emotional support for the audience.

When domestic suspense dramas are trying to surpass the classic failure, it may be the key to revitalizing the domestic suspense drama.

The visual wonders that are proud of the suspense drama is no longer an absolute advantage. What is really important is a good -looking story.

At this point, domestic suspense dramas have done it.

Whether it can do it now seems to become a suspense.