Wang Ziwen worked as a Korean trainee "crying every day", Zhang Yixing shoes which were "put a nail""

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Wang Ziwen worked as a Korean trainee "crying every day", Zhang Yixing shoes which were "put a nail""

2016-08-25 19:04:29 1742 ℃

Read the "Ode to joy" remember the arrogant and despotic music fairy, after she also the crossover singer, absolutely did not think of sub so small she sang a good listen to, a piece of the students like summer flower "stunning four. In the final and Pu Shu together with the chorus of the "those flowers", it appears that Pu Shu's death is loyal powder ah.

Wang Ziwen on the stage of the shape is also very feel, personal feeling that she is more suitable for singing than Liu Tao rock~

First period because sing so beautifully, judges are very curious and the girl began blew once half a year training experience.

At that time, the first reaction is, sees the ghost, the Koreans too powerful, how she has been acting this specialized training!

And the next, began to grumble, said tired at the Republic of Korea, from morning eight point up to 12 o'clock in the evening, there is no a minute is his own, and in training. Every day, there is a kind of carrying a small bag fled back to the domestic impulse!

Yeah, well, that's an intern.

Although Wang Ziwen has been acting, but in the "Ode to joy" was not in the limelight. A song Xiaoxiao achievement she, she also played live music fairy. The effort is always rewarded.

Program, Wang Ziwen also said that although it was hard to give up, but in hindsight this period of experience to her great influence, let her know how to keep the rules.

Korean entertainment is focusing on seniority, the younger generation to see the predecessors is always respectful. In the early stage of training time is long, so once formed humble habits and even future Hongdu will become a habit to keep humble.

In turn to see the debut too easily, casually achieved fame and fans but also a variety of flattery, finally only encourage brush big temper.

Now the circle of small meat will always be sprayed not acting what, in fact they had eaten more bitter please hin!


Before the assessment was the same trainees put a nail in his shoes, cut her foot.

Because of hard dance, practiced a permanent waist, what it's like we koko! In the life of the students, he suffered the most.


In practice often sick, after his debut with some time left to the left half of the face because of the swollen and inflamed, but still want to take part in the tour, serious acrophobia is still flying.

Do you remember the last run male to Xinjiang to record the, deer are because he was afraid of heights directly please the false, but in South Korea but completely ignored, too poor.


Wu Yifan's mother had more than one complaint, Wu Yifan in training when corporal punishment, also had to sign a contract unreasonable and so on.


A "she said," the fire Zhang Bichen, in fact, she has made a debut in korea. But when the students in practice because the company too little money, that one day only eat a bag of instant noodles.

Li Fei'Er

Li Fei'Er in the reality show on the very well said that it was very slip, which was discovered that she had also been to the students!

Shoot the deer and the cauldron "she went to South Korea, but has not only come back to develop debut. Count the time, as if this is the baby host. Li Fei'Er said on the show that he had been punished by the teacher for 5 hours, 6 hours, this corporal punishment is only in the South Korean brokerage firm will appear...

Cheney Chen

Before he was not held in the east of Guo Jingming, he had to go to the Korean entertainment company CUBE's once a year of practice, there is a stage performance experience. When Chen Xuedong was appreciated, Nantuan BtoB reserve members, he have good relations with the current members, but also in private dinner for a group photo.

But eventually abandoned home Dongdong, probably is too bitter, but now still booming.

As the saying goes, one minute on the stage takes ten years. In this salute to all the students!