He is the only one issued a tribute to Qiao Renliang Han, also China Red Net

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He is the only one issued a tribute to Qiao Renliang Han, also China Red Net

2016-09-23 12:02:28 2272 ℃

Qiao Renliang memorial. He left us to Elysian Fields 7 days, never believed, unwilling to believe to digest this news imperceptibly has been a week. Remember his most love pink, pink flowers # him in the ocean to everyone to do the final farewell.

Many artists have friends to the scene to bid farewell to Qiao Renliang, if not also issued condolences. How many fans have been looking forward to "the four little" to meet again, did not think it was in such a sad way.

And these days is "Joe Chen and Zhao Liying moral kidnapping" appear memorial was tears collapse. Fans also went to the scene to long queues to bid farewell to Qiao Renliang. Everyone in their own way of grief, eager to see people.

This thing has also in the Han fermentation will regret on the Qiao Renliang Memorial, a young life so.

Among the Han middle, a South Korean star Qiao Renliang issued a tribute, he is the only one issued a tribute to Qiao Renliang Han, he is C.N Blue captain Jeong Yong Hwa.

Jeong Yong Hwa, Qiao Renliang: the two Kid Rock's Freemasonry

One is the South Korean rock music, one is the mainland talent show singer and actor, two people how can produce intersection?

2013, Qiao Renliang went to watch Blue C.N's concert, had publicly expressed a great appreciation of Jeong Yong Hwa. In 2015, Blue C.N out of the new album Qiao Renliang has helped promote, and then two people on the micro-blog attention.

Qiao Renliang once said: "the definition of rock is like asking what the teacher philosophy is philosophy, with a word absolute that is not clear, in short, like chat chat as religious beliefs, but my faith is rock." Two love rock youth, feeling quite Freemasonry.

Many people know that Jeong Yong Hwa is because "you're beautiful" this drama, he played the main female Guardian spoony male two Jiang Xinyu inside.

Some people know Jeong Yong Hwa because he is the soul of the leadership of C.N Blue, an all-around songwriting captain. With his debut song "lonely" became the time to take a short time after the team.

But you know what? He is a bold uppercase China many brother. Not only is China, also has a large circle of friends China.

The fate of China network: JJ Lin Fan Bingbing TFBoys keeps getting him into the bowl.

When it comes to Jeong Yong Hwa's powerful circle of friends, you have to start with JJ Lin. After all, the two people from time to time about a single, a single, to the other side of the concert to help a force, a celebration of what.

Two people together before the cooperation, "checkmate", together with the shooting MV.

Jeong Yong Hwa on the "please" host He Jiong and Wang Jiaer refrigerator, is in the refrigerator out from JJ Lin Wine.

Also crossed the age gap "with" on the TF of the three, three said only to learn from their predecessors.

More Than This! He also cross hooking up a small meat, the songs have been unable to meet him, his younger brother Wu Lei tentacles, my brother!

Each hot drama Jeong Yong Hwa have a serious look, the words out of the line, you can come to the classic action, the audience to the full out of fear of pride!

Fan Bingbing in South Korea is now the most famous Chinese actress, when Jeong Yong Hwa received a hit later, Fan Bingbing signed the calendar for a long time, he let the tinkling se.

Jeong Yong Hwa once again to prove that age and nationality are not a problem, as long as you want to hold up is not to you right.

Be sealed China net red: Chinese ten, daily Amway Chinese food

Look at Jeong Yong Hwa's micro-blog, you will find that micro-blog is almost entirely Chinese with his hair, even his fans to facilitate reading questions in Korean, he would reply that he would find Chinese and dictionary learning. This is the sincerity to overflow the screen ah!

In fact, Jeong Yong Hwa University, Yu Qingxi University, college, studying Chinese studies. No wonder even the network used to live in terms of! Forward JJ Lin Fan Bingbing also like a body, the base situation is full, it is to engage in things ah!

Net red body with more than anyone else, where the teachers are served.

Every Chinese traditional festivals, he also issued a document sent a picture to send a blessing to the fans, the Dragon Boat Festival is made of rice dumplings, mid autumn festival will send moon cake. In South Korea the two festivals have their own traditional foods, such as AI Zi cake, wheel cake ah, muffins and so on. This is probably called Zheng Wanghong as the Romans do.

In addition to the traditional festival food, his daily is not a word on the sun all kinds of food, but also Amway to teammates, the captain of the adults around Amway look like it is so cute.

Where to go where to eat, at this pace, Shandong, Sichuan, Guangdong, believe that Fujian and other eight cuisine will soon be over him.

Even Stinky tofu so high-end food can, this is Chinese net red, a Korean has a China stomach.

Jeong Yong Hwa not only love Chinese delicacy, Chinese he has dabbled in traditional culture, Zheng Wanghong said when he was a child he practiced calligraphy, although it has been a long time did not pick up the brush, but write out good results, he will gladly send fans. As he wrote, "Zheng He love energy" nickname, and because of "positive energy" is a homonym, he is very satisfied.

Jeong Yong Hwa full Chinese communication without obstacles, want to see the network red ten Chinese on the poke this video Oh, Zheng Wanghong the whole journey to 6 to fly it! Down down down

Is such a capital of the Chinese fans - "Zheng energy", how to make people do not like? Compared to Chinese quanqian China do not respect the fans of the star, Jeong Yong Hwa is really a walking positive energy.

Also because of this, he became the first foreign artists to speak Chinese charity activities. This event related working people believe that Jeong Yong Hwa can give the young people to take power. Because Jeong Yong Hwa can bring to the public real happiness through music and a warm smile, so an exception choice of foreigners as charity walker".

As the staff member said, Jeong Yong Hwa's smile is contagious, the image of the sun always give people a sense of happiness and happiness. As Jeong Yong Hwa fans said, do not ask for joy and float upon the clouds. In bringing people to laugh at the same time, do not ignore their own.

It was dark, everyone was driving home by bus. Do not know if you have not heard the president at the beginning of the music, Qiao Renliang's "city bus" for everyone, "the strange you, familiar with the city, only to find happiness, missed the life of their own."