China's new generation of "artificial sun" EAST new world record

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China's new generation of "artificial sun" EAST new world record

2016-11-04 10:49:11 1199 ℃

2 reporter learned from the Hefei Institute of Physical Science.CAS, the national science and Engineering Institute of plasma physics for artificial sun "experimental device EAST recently in the eleventh round of physical experiment and was a major breakthrough, steady high constraint mode plasma discharge more than 60 seconds. EAST has thus become the world's first to achieve steady state high confinement mode operation duration to reach the minute level of the Tokamak fusion experimental device.

The magnetic confinement fusion of senior experts, Japan Naka Nuclear Fusion Research Institute of advanced plasma physics research department director Yu Kamada that on the future of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) plan has important significance.

Under the conditions of pure radio frequency wave heating and tungsten filter, the steady state high confinement mode plasma discharge is one of the basic operation modes of ITER.

2012 EAST physics experiment has created 32 seconds high binding mode world record. In recent years, EAST has completed the upgrade of auxiliary heating, tungsten divertor plasma physics, diagnosis system, overcome the problem of the key technology of heating and current drive, distributed parameter measurement, in-depth study and solve a series of problems of physical radio wave coupling, high confinement plasma stability control, under the condition of low momentum heating and current drive for transport, and laid a solid foundation for long pulse steady high confinement mode plasma.

The experiment team won the EAST for more than 60 seconds of steady high confinement mode plasma discharge, not only in the plasma parameters, performance and maintenance time constraint length overall, significantly more than the 2012 results, but also realizes the non inductive current drive (i.e. steady state) completely.

It is understood that ITER will be used in radio frequency wave driven low momentum injection operation mode as well as active water cooling of the tungsten partial filter structure. EAST is currently the world's only with these two features and has a long pulse running capacity of the whole superconducting tokamak, its steady state operation mode will provide an important reference for the ITER and the future of nuclear fusion reactors.