The body's production of the rise of the Empire, the organ factory BioFabUSA project was officially launched

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The body's production of the rise of the Empire, the organ factory BioFabUSA project was officially launched

2017-08-03 11:11:08 737 ℃

The local time on the afternoon of July 28th, a platform of New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu boarded in Manchester, excitedly waving his arms to Taiwan, the crowd chanted "we should all be excited, because the impending thing is so unbelievable!"

The crowd gathered in Manchester rice (Manchester Millyard), Riyadh inventor Dean Kamen to celebrate the launch of the new project, the 300 men are state or federal officials, is one of a governor Chris Sununu.

Inventor Dean Kamen

The new Dean Kamen project called BioFabUSA, aimed at academic research commercialization, a little more specific, in fact, is the laboratory of human tissue and organ culture promotion to industrial production. Due to the nature of the project has a public-private partnership, and thus more conducive to all the manufacturing technology of human organs together. "We are here today to celebrate the birth of a new industry." Governor Sununu said excitedly at the press conference.

Mr. Millard's picturesque, far a renovated building have a unique style, and here is the home of Kamen: in 1982 he founded the research company (Deka Research and de Development) location, road (Luke Arm) bionic arm was born, FIRST (a popular high school favorite robot contest) project the host, BioFabUSA units, and advanced manufacturing Research Institute Headquarters ARMI regeneration.

In fact, ARMI's creation and development is the result of multi contribution. In December 2016, the U.S. Department of defense decided within 5 years ARMI offered $80 million for the expansion of human tissue and organ transplantation manufacturing, to help the wounded soldiers and veterans. At the same time, the research partners industry and universities also provided $214 million for ARMI. Kamen ARMI will then be headquartered in M liard, the first official BioFabUSA project is the company's.

This project is designed to integrate corporate and academic resources, as a non profit to all the resources required to collect human organ factory. In short, this will be the "twenty-first Century's most advanced bio manufacturing workshop," ARMI chief regulatory officer McFarland said of Richard.

Now, in the biosynthesis of human tissues and organs, the biggest constraint is the gap between academic business. Kamen told the people: "the findings in the lab is hitherto unknown, can benefit the people, but has not been commercialized, and these items in the laboratory but also by government agencies for funding support."

However, what $294 million could help the emerging industry go far, who are not good. Kamen in the opening ceremony of the three hours not only introduces science, is a focus on business. At the end of the ceremony, Kamen proudly stated his successful experience in Dirk R and FIRST of the two projects in the past, then other members of ARMI are briefly introduced in the organs and tissues required for manufacturing conditions. In addition to the current office, the relevant experimental facility of bionic manufacturing is not in place, part of the laboratory needs and Dirk research and development company share.

Figure BioAssemblyBot is one of the exhibits BioFabUSA Conference

In the whole course of the conference, researchers at Kamen and ARMI present a slide show of their partners, including about 80 companies, 26 academic institutions and non-profit organizations. But then the person in charge of the project said that at present there is no one to become the project's official membership, membership system is still under development. If you want to become a member of the project, partners need to submit a certain amount of dues, or provide the same value of the experimental platform or personnel etc.. Accordingly, members can participate in other partners in the project, and can make full use of the ARMI rich experience and intellectual property regulation. So far, the ARMI Management Committee has approved a scientific project.

At the end of the ceremony, officials of the Department of defense, and governor of New Hampshire lawmakers jointly cut the ribbon. "This day will be a day to remember history." Kamen as the end of his speech.