You look old face 10 years old, most of the eye cream is not right

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You look old face 10 years old, most of the eye cream is not right

2017-04-02 17:41:49 770 ℃

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The master said, I hope you are beautiful

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- 01 -

Went to the day without brain, today we talk about eye cream.

As a love of pink beans, such as life, can only be forced to take responsibility, say eye cream bar. After all, the eyes are the window of the soul, is the age of torture, 25 year old face looks old at the age of 10, because of the aging of the eye skin.

First statement: my skin is a mixed sensitive skin, the old rules, starting from the ING bar.

No 1CHANTECAILLE nano gold eye cream

Santika not good where to drive my son in kindergarten and then send him across the street, I can not control myself, went straight to the full of "gold" "diamond" place.

Originally wanted to buy the famous diamond eye cream, but the cabinet sister said, or you try our nano gold eye cream? A more efficient more moisture (and more expensive). 24K gold particles inside it balabala.

You know, as the age of a woman grows, the interest in gold is more than the diamond. So I honestly credit card.

User's experienceIt is very moist, texture is very thick, be sure to open your fingers and then gently press the eye. I think it is suitable for intensive care, if you stay up late or wearing too much make-up, I will apply a thick layer to sleep at night, second days will feel eye full of vitality.

No 2Fillerina hyaluronic eye cream

Fillerina is a very small number of Swiss brands, I did not find the eye chart.

It is the United States and beauty products. To put it plainly is external beauty. I was also a European daughter-in-law Amway, traveled Hongkong to buy. It is gratifying that the price is not high.

User's experience:It is very strange to use, to drink a lot of water before use. Paint your eyes and feel the glue on your eyes. Then you will feel a lot of powder on your eyes. But the fine lines of the eye seemed to disappear.

I think it is the effect of medical beautymeansto pulling, filled with fine lines, to her ex boyfriend, in a large party first aid is good, but not suitable for daily maintenance.

No 3BA eye cream

This is the last time I was grass eye cream. The action went quickly to SOGO, but no one said it was only available in japan.

Well, so much more than what is it? There's no grass to pull.

User's experience:20G more than 1 thousand, in fact, fortunately, because only a little bit every time it is very moist. Now just use, do not feel "eye" effect, so I use the effective, we will think of a way to this group! After all, the temptation of high anti wrinkle wrinkle than too much!

No 4CLARINS eye cream

This is the essence of my eye for many years.

User's experience:Orange water emulsion, very refreshing. High cost, suitable for the eye problem is not a small entry.

No 5La prairie Caviar Eye Cream

Caviar is a big hole. Cabinet and patient Crawford's sister, so now my makeup cabinet is blue.

User's experience:Transparent water, very comfortable, feeling the effect of the black eye. Dropper shaped, the only drawback is not used. Note that I didn't match it with the Caviar Eye Cream, because my friend said rubbing mud.

No 6Lamer two classic eye cream

User's experience:With so much cream, the only thing I can sure, the massage rod is the wintersweet and real all-match, other ladies brand eye cream bar, have thick plastic, can be bought back away.

No 7Estee Lauder eye cream

We all know that I was a pit Estee Lauder, to help the friends to buy a series of purple compact, was the cabinet sister Huyou bought a full set of Estee Lauder platinum series.

However, cream, cream, eye cream with all my long Zhifang Li, just leave this eye cream and CLARINS mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the essence of collocation during the day.

User's experience:It is more than all of the eye cream texture to be heavy, so we have to be able to open the eyes to open, use no special feeling, not long Zhifang Li, thank God, run out of this tank no longer buy back.

Let's talk about the used ones.

No 8Fresh black tea

I think Fresh is the best series of red bottle series, the most soothing and effective. This black tea eye cream.

User's experience:Paste is emulsion like, very refreshing, but painted on the eye is very moist.

No 9SK2 Revitalizing Eye Cream

That year and small bulbs to buy the chicken ribs.

User's experience:May not be suitable for my skin, like the gods of water, I think it can only dry, summer daytime, evening or winter is not enough, you can try youpi.

No 10Estee Lauder ANR Eye Essence

This is a All the world knows. reputation, I spent two years ago.

User's experience:Fragrance is very charming, texture is also refreshing, but after a long time, the feeling is not enough, there is a slip of the false sense of moisture. Basic maintenance for 25 years old.

No 11Kiehl's avocado eye cream

This is also the word of mouth, I was pretty early to catch up with the trend.

User's experience:In fact, the KIEHL'S brand has been very strong in the past two years, I think some products are still good, for example, it has a compact essence, after the face can feel the heat of the skin, I bought back two times. The avocado essence is also good, refreshing texture, cost-effective, suitable for young girls eye cream.

- 02 -

Well, this is not the full text of today's brain. The eyes are most likely to see the age, and the eye is too delicate, slow medicine are very difficult to The new supersedes the old., solve the problem of eye skin.

So we usually use special cleansing oil cleansing eye lip makeup, carefully clean up with visa, also do not vigorously rub the eye with the eye cream, we must use the ring finger massage rub gently in the eye, because the finger strength minimum.

Exfoliating usually also be careful to avoid the eye, eye also need sunscreen, the summer out the best sunglasses.

Is it very troublesome? Do you think it's easy to be beautiful?

You have to work very hard to look beautiful!

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