Ouyang Na: When all girls want to live, become "target"

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Ouyang Na: When all girls want to live, become "target"

2021-11-25 00:30:23 13 ℃

Open the search for Ouyang Na Na, and the Wan Zi, who introduced into the eye, was occupied by "Tea Master" "Heart" "Holiday".

The previous time and the rumor sent out from Fan Yuxi had to make a letter of lawyer's "blocking".

Top count, Liu Yuran, Chen Feiyu, Cui Shiyuan, Wang Yuan, Chen Xue Dong, Chen Weizhen, Dou Yu ... she and the partner can always produce natural relatives.

From "All girls want to become" to the evaluation "Tea", "very will", but it is more than two years. People like her, what is it, hate her, what is annoying?

1. Where is it "meeting"? If the "beautiful", Ouyang Na does not rush to the forefront in the same life, although it is sweet and more resistant, if the full amount and low nose is born in ordinary people, perhaps not at all fames Admission ticket.

But the place that she is too power is not really drifting, but it is impressive to lay the beauty of the people in the hearts of the people.

The word "sweet" does not need to be really strictly in line with a aesthetic standard for "big eyes and high nose". We look at Ouyang Na, her sweetness is not as unacue, it is better to say It is the emotional sensation between the words. It will be spoiled, and it is always a non-deliberate affection, lack of boundary sensation, feelings and insequence of the sense of bounds, but the endless orthothy is formed by this. In the trend variety, I have triggered her controversy - wearing a personal clothing of male friends, looking down to the opposite sex items without permission, do not avoid any even intimate limb contact.

The called "Dad" does not play in Chen Weizhen, even the little born in 1999 is also being smashed to say "I am wrong Dad". Possipair maying, the name of this identity is actually a ostrich mentality that is accustomed to being asylum - "I am the smallest, and the pet should be". "

She is very accustomed to reaching the state of "rapid and each other" by invading a private space (whether limb movement is still a private item), this is the same in the same time, the passual feeling of the boundary is the same.

Whether it is just entered the mainland and the "cultural circle intersection", which is also composed of Yan Meishi Wang Wen, or the Sisters CP, which is the same as the Song Zusher who is born by Tongxing, and then goes to the variety show and Zhang Zi Feng intimately complained in the pain. It is difficult to make friends.

Have to admit that this way of breaking the sense is to quickly pull into social clots, a beautiful and lively focus role take the initiative to make you tired to help you clean up the small dust on the eyelashes, and then inwardly people also It's hard to say "no", but at the same time, she will make some people feel uncomfortable because they are eager to expose. I hate her people deeply painful pain, and people who love her are not simply, but those who love her feel this is the pure heart of the little girl. There is no doubt that she is a very smart girl, and even often reminds me of the other in the Bay Bay, and the holy active active active active as a viewing sign. Lin Zhiling.

Everyone is generally believed that people always have a little flaw in the emotions, and every day, a friendly and peaceful face is too "political correct." But in fact, Lin Zhiling or Ouyang Na Na, all did not cultivate to oil and salt, the strength of the rude cover is that they have been taught from the child, which is also more like a protective tool in front of the person.

It's also soft to everyone, praise and responding is also soft, but you know clearly, in fact, you are being repaired by the warmth of the warmth. It is difficult to say that happiness is still happy when it is a subconscious. So why people like Ouyang Na, why hate her? 2. I like or hate it, maybe from the same roots like her, it is better to like to like to take a year of projection in her, and the cultivation of the fate of the fate of the fate is in life. After the self-generation, the envy into a kind of cure Satisfaction. I hate her, it is not an annoying that Ouyang Na himself, but is unfair to be unfairly and unsuccessful. From the age of four, he said that the little boys who like the favorite little boys would be shy and smiled. The little group of the little group, went to the pure and smart talented talented talented talents, and gradually gradually sexy from sweet girls from sweet girls Charming adults stepping. Pretty, excellent, thousands of pets are all in the good family, and the family's beautiful career is like, even my character is also soft and sweet. Looking at the audience of her all the way, it is difficult to don't love her.

From 18 years, I have insisted that there is more than 100 VLOGs today, which is a very timely turning tool in the event of a bad horse. So much stars vlog in the same time, why is Ouyang Na's most emerald powder? The top theme of the B station is the topic of Vlog is "One day at home". You can see the day of Ouyang Na, the faded female star packaging shell - spend a long time, get in a daze, drink honey water, pack the bed While makeup, the mask is broken, and the soup is a sandwich. He is talking some concert plans this year. Everyday practice the piano, share a small feelings before going to bed, she is sleepy, soft, lazy and self-discipline, audience The screen can also feel the relaxation and cure of the heart. On the one hand, these seemingly casualties meet the public's peeking, watching, trial, and shooting magazines. On the one hand, she shows her other heavy identity outside the star - busy catching Female college students, will also have the joy to buy ice cream after class, all the little girls are soft and vulnerable, she also has. This is a way that is more sharply pulled into and fanatic in the development of the developing system, synchronous growth. Just showing the real thing is filtered and there is a border. She seems like a crystal dream that is being made, the true aura and talented talents are so can't be met, she also took the power, I went back to thousands of girls to make a dream, a warm, up, Wrapped in goodwill, always loved the dream of the dream, there is another side of the dream, and the inception of Amway, the sky-covered marketing and the superiority revealed in the marketing - "Every girl wants to become Ouyang Na Na" .

This slogan will directly arouse "what" against the reverse of "why your choice represents all the correct value orientation? Why do you mean me, and my life? Behind the question of "why" is a desire to have everything that has everything in the natural fortune, is also resistant to narrowed girls' concept. Not everyone can do it in your youth, you can go to experience the resource and opportunity to experience unlimited test error, and people around you will always report to understand and care. Not everyone is passionate about the princess dream of the sweet and pink bubble, they also want to be biologists, astronauts, industry leaders, and even if they just want to go out of the mountains, get rid of the fate of housewives.

People are not an Ouyang Na himself, but the superior signal released by the next celebrity privilege - the ordinary people can't have a dream bubble, and wrapped in a bright and dazzling gold foil, covering the girls. The heavy reality to experience, class gaps becomes a propaganda tool to show the dream of the star class. And all girls want to become an Ouyang Na, what kind of Ouyang Na Na? The goal of "the most actuated cellist" and "The most Tagin actor" is at least today, or a beautiful imagination to be completed, "I have to" the greed may also finally leak a little from the fingers. There is no longer left. So, how long can Ouyang Nana can still be red? 3. The "red" is the genius of the talented cello girl's glory in "Clever Deer" and "Ant Hoard for ten years", and the vlog and the hot auto-blanket makeup The popularity of the public will go back to a place in time. Ouyang Na never disputes the controversy, but even when traffic is the most prosperous, her identity is very clear. Is it a "cello player" marked on the personal home page? However, the identity of mainstream activities has never been a "cello player". The difference between the word, the difference is the "home" of the "home" of the trees in the public.

Hazhatop, pure, shortcut, these qualities can be convenient to open a famous door, but it is impossible to use the entertainment circle that will continue to come to the entertainment circle in the rookie source. The prodigare of "sister" appears. The celebrity children returned to the star light, and they often escape the shadow of the parent wings. The Xu Village, which is the peak, is rated as "the most annoying celebrity second generation" by Japanese magazine. The front of Chen Feiyu's literary chamber in the show allows the gossip forum to produce "Arthur Literature".

We will talk about talking, will I forget, from 12 years old to entertainment circles, circle around today, Ouyang Na is only 21 years old. 6-year-old school, 12 years old, I went to the United States to study, 14 years old from Curtis, and become a first-class artist in the topic and commercial value in just a few years. It is difficult to say that all the life choices is her own. More will, or more will give more will. In her vlog, my mother barely, but my mother almost everywhere - "Mommy said ..." "Mom teaches me ..." as the old two in the family, the growth process is often in the front and forth, it is Sister rebellious sister is the most sensible existence, and the layer of sandwiches and Olio sandstone - always withstand, always neglected.

I have relatives and everyone, I want to open my body and mind and kiss, seem to be her essential needs, or say that she gives her own emotional mission. Under the premise of getting many love, she still has very energetic, even bottomless emotional needs. This kind of discussion is to prove that "everyone is very loved to", and maybe I have buried a film from the childhood.

She knows what kind of one is the most beautiful, most popular, most like, but this smart sometimes makes it to carry too much humiliating accusations - just open a video, "green tea", "green tea", ""Heart", "nausea", the lack of dense lasers cover her face.Turning about her record information, the most impressed scene is still in the age of fourteen.A bunch of light on the stage, she wore a red dress, closed her eyes, saga, in addition to this, there is no him on the stage.Destiny also pulled the prelude to the front of the year, she went from Curtis, with the "Beijing Love Story" into the popularity of the world.

The public figure seems to have no way to get everyone's favor, what kind of Ouyang Na is most attracting me?I think it is outside the name of the genius art girl and the proud celebrity family, when she grows for her own.