Middle-aged woman learned these three skin care tips, not only no big mother, but also very elegant

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Middle-aged woman learned these three skin care tips, not only no big mother, but also very elegant

2021-11-25 00:30:47 21 ℃

Winter climate is not only low temperature, and the skin is also easy to dry, and the temperature difference is large. Many people are less comfortable. In fact, this is because they are not water, so the middle-aged woman learns these three skin care tips. Not only don't have a big mother, but it is still very elegant.

Temperature and moisturizing facial cleanser

For the office workers like me, in order to get up at night, it is too lazy to get skin care in the morning, and the face is just useless, but if the texture is not moderate, it is easy to take away the lot of water on the face, let the skin more Dry, so it is necessary to moisturize on the washing sash.

2. Sun protection

Although the autumn weather is not hot, the ultraviolet rays exist, even if there is ultraviolet rays in the rain, it is not possible to go out, and the sunscreen is also moisturizing, and the skin can be good. Oxidation aging.

3. Skin water is not less

In such a dry environment, the skin is very easy to dry, so often moisturizing is useful, and as the most some hydrating products, in addition to the mask is a cream, the mask is a fast and short-lived water, the cream is deeply nourished, Overseas, let the skin restore water sprigration.

After learning these three tips, as long as you keep it, the skin is delicate and simple, and the cream I recommend a good Ai Wei's cream with affordable, the ingredient is gentle, the sensitive muscle can also be used, and the moisturizing is very effective, this Cream has something to use.

I have used it for a few years, the skin did not have sensitive problems, originally because of Zhang Xinyu sharing, I will start, and now 35 years old Zhang Xinfei still has a smooth and delicate skin, and Su Yan is also very envious, Yuan Yuyi is also this cream The enthusiast, it is already used in 15 years.

The moisturizing hydrating effect of this cream is very good. The ingredient is very mild, not only for the skin is not burden, but also has the role of repair, the initial is because these effects in Korean fire, it is also very skin care. Recognize.

This cream contains 12 hydrophilic moisturizers such as peony, hyaluronate, sodium glycerol, and eight herbal activity essences such as witch, Xing'an, and snow grass, horse teeth, etc., is herb Plants have a great help for skin antioxidation.

This cream is a milky white wet, it is very refreshing, no greasy feeling, it is also easy to push, melting fast, permeating, because it is a small molecule ingredient, so it can be adequately absorbed by the skin, will be on the skin Form a valid locking film, very moisturizing.

For the symptoms such as dry itch, flourish and other symptoms, it is really suitable for use as long-term skin care products. The gentle effect is too affinity to the skin, and a bottle is less than 100 The price of yuan, the price is too high, you want the skin's water, don't miss it. Ai Wei's day cream daily price is 258 yuan, a cat price is 148 yuan, and the double 11 activities, in order to grab the sales, only 98 yuan, new users 91 yuan, 2 boxes only 179.9 yuan, an average 1 box 89.9 yuan, challenge Taobao lowest price, national package, genuine guarantee, fake one lost ten, support "flower staging, 7 days no reason to return, damage must be lost, less goods must be lost, and the remediation" and other services. But only double 11, 100 places!