What is big?

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What is big?

2021-11-25 01:29:46 32 ℃

The face is too large to improve the surgery such as mannel surgery, facial liposuction, and injection of meat toxins. The postoperative effect is more obvious.

On the street, the people of the melon face are still very young, most people's face is more big or fat, what are the reasons why a person face is too big? Is there any good face-seeking method? Let's take a look!

In fact, the face is also divided into many kinds, more common is the following:

1. Skeletal face --- is mostly humerous protruding or mandible

The representative of the skeletal face is more prominent, and the national character face is mostly caused by the mandibular hormible.

2. Muscle face - bite muscle is more obvious

Frequent chewing is relatively hard, chewing things, it is easy to cause the bite muscle, and many large faces are caused by this situation. For a long time to chew food, it will cause the bite to be different, which is too big.

3. Obese big face - face fat excessive and buccal fat pad

Fat face is also a lot of love, 80 pounds of body weight 100 pounds of face, obviously thin, but there are many meat on your face, that is, everyone often said.

The beauty of these situations should not be too worried, it is not a problem, just find the method, mainly the following three solutions:

1. If only the humerus protrudes, the face is large, which can generally choose to do grinding bone surgery. It is mainly by doing incisions in the mouth, using the corresponding surgical equipment to remove the tibia, or the extra-jaw angle excess bone Organization, thereby achieving effective improvement of the effect, the postoperative effect can last long, the safety of the operation is also high, and there is generally no more surgical risk;

2. If it is caused by excessive bite muscles, it can be injected with meatotoxin, which is injected with botulinase to bite muscle, blocking the connection of nerve and muscles, so that the face is rapidly smaller, and the postoperative effect is more obvious And the trauma is small, and it is a very favored face.

3. If it is because the fat accumulation is too much or the buccal fat pad is more obvious, you can choose a face liposuction surgery or resection of the buccup pad to improve, facial liposuction surgery is to extend the lower fat layer using special equipment into the skin of the subcutaneous fat. Fat sucks out in vitro and reaches the effect of the face. And the cheek fat pad is a manner in the mouth, remove the cheebond pad of the fat, so that the part is significantly thinner, can achieve a significant face-lifting effect.

Nowadays, doctors are more mature. If you want to make your face becomes small, you can choose to improve through medical beauty, and the safety of surgery is also relatively high, and the postoperative effect is remarkable. However, everyone's specific situation is different, so don't blindly follow the wind, try to choose a regular hospital, combined with your own situation, choose your face-seeking method to become beautiful.