Dong Mingzhu 22-year-old Secretary has to become a "successor"?The female secretary around the big man, all are God ...

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Dong Mingzhu 22-year-old Secretary has to become a "successor"?The female secretary around the big man, all are God ...

2021-11-25 00:18:45 12 ℃

The fan is said: low-key must have strength

Recently, Dong Mingzhu's 22-year-old Secretary was sent by Miss Dong. She has introduced her new secretary Meng Yu children in the Chinese Manufacturing Leadership Summit, and it is necessary to cultivate her to "next Dong Mingzhu".

The two were initially met to meet the real estate show variety, Meng Yu children as a intern in the show, performance is very bright. Confident and cheerful, dare to dare to be, eventually successfully get the right quota, officially entering the job in September this year, became the secretary of the chairman.

However, it is only two months to go to work, and it is born by the old "inspiration" and public opinion directly. Meng Yu Tong immediately responded to Weibo, saying that he "is only ordinary working, there are many shortcomings and lacks, thank you for suggesting opinions and suggestions", sincere and gesture is still a prestige powder.

Although there are many voices in the outside world, this is a hype, regardless of how the effect is indeed. The Title of "Second Dong Mingzhu", Meng Yu Toy hanging fans have risen 800,000 in a week, and Xiao Hong Book also has 366 million powder. Many netizens estimated that the next step is to take the goods with Miss Dong.

Have a boss send secretary to hot search, and secretary will send the boss to hot. For example, Bezos's former secretary Xiart, not long agos, Beszos energy is like puppies, climbing 14 floors every day, no netizen ~

Like Meng Yu Tong, she has got a boss in a business. It has been hired on the spot. It is said that the interview test is "I want you to estimate how many piece of window glass in Seattle City" ...

The secretary of "the secretary" star "is typical, as well as Chuanpu's female assistant Hope Hicks, before suffering a lot of attention because of high glazing. Chuanp took her as a "second daughter", so that she was 28 years old without political experience, she became the world's history of the youngest White House Communications, but also let her help publish personal tweet.

However, as a lucky one in the big choice, no matter whether there is a scenery, there is a hard and pay for people who are often seen behind.

Buffett is very heavy (busy) from the exposure of the female secretary (busy), and smashing the boss to buy Hamburg, and the general meeting of the general meeting of millions of people. Posha Nick is the main participants.

Posaka Nak is still much more money, and it is more than the stock Shen Bo. Obama also specially invited this female secretary to Congress ...

Overall, the female secretary / assistant around the big man has always been a low-key and important existence. Although it is a top-level relationship, it is apparent that there is more links to thousands of silk. Today, the fan will give everyone a lot, what is the style of the female secretary around the big, a look ~

Clothing style: low-key does not grab the mirror, Gandang "invisible person"

First of all, these big female secretary, mostly in the shape of the low-key mirror, it seems to be invisible on the boss, do not grab the limelight, but when they need them, they will be waiting at any time. Wearing clothes is a low-profile color of gray black rice, it looks neither it is not pulver, and he doesn't grab the limelight.

Although Meng Yu Tong is new, it is also very popular. Miss Dong, who is standing in "Freedom of Dress", wearing a small suit + white shirt ↓

The top of the female secretary is more high-order, even more low-key, even very passers-by, but also simply becomes similar to the boss.

Like Zachberg's private assistant, Annika Frago, like the boss, usually loves casual dress, hairstyle is also a short hair short hair.

A few years ago, because of hundreds of companies in Jingdong, it is called "Jingdong's most cattle female assistant", and everyday dressing is quite low. It feels that every company will have such a female colleague ...

As the private secretary of Kate, relatively senior and senior Catherine Quin, on the basis of the appropriate workplace, there will be some elegant royal wind, and it will use small accessories to improve the exquisite.

The makeup is usually relatively light, very few "ambition" face, the expression is more calm. Kate Wang Hao's assistant Libeka Diken, when accompanying the boss, the makeup is very light (sometimes even doing makeup), no prominent eye makeup and lip color.

When you go out with the boss, the station is also very particular, where you have left the boss, neither stealing the mirror, and conveniently responding to the call of the boss.

When Wang Jianlin, the secretary was also a black professional suit. Although there was no appearance in the show, the professionalism is still clear: even if the boss and Lu Yu have been far away, she will still wait for a long time, confirm that the boss will not temporarily Call is taken away.

However, it is not the example of being bought by the boss. For example, Hillary's secretary Huma Abead, seems to be unwilling to be only a board, and the red fire is equipped with ↓

Since ancient red blue, there is also the shape of the CP, but also understanding the way to grab the mirror, "the boss wear me also wear" ~

However, it is a little over, which is a bit Over, and the boss is connected to the secretary is the high-risk behavior of the workplace. Do not simulate ...

(Hillary: Finished, I have a secretary)

Ability: Double business high strength, multi-faced hand

Low-key is low-key, but it can be in the heart of the belly, the workplace ability, and people have some people in the world ~

This time, "Directive Women" Meng Yu children, the resume is quite good. High school graduation to the Zhejiang University Foreign Language Institute mainly repair Spanish, immobile In the face of Miss Dong, Miss Dong, "I Love Dong Bo", this sweet words are also natural, I want the boss's WeChat to be bold, it is really going to be ↓

Honestly and high-cooled hegemonic panels, they were rumored to "aunt". I feel that the little girl is not old, but it is very suitable for the people to be marketing. Miss Dong is also selling it. I don't know if I see my own shadow.

And the top female assistants around the big, work ability and double merchants are even more powerful.

Kate's former private secretary Catherine Quin, whether education or before the work experience, is called the ceiling of the secretary.

She not only has the MBA degree in the University of Oxford University, but also served as CEO of the college, but also served in the British Metropolitan Office, Royal Legion, National Memortive Botanical Garden. Board of Directors.

The Secretary / Assistant Work is mainly arranged by the boss's life trip, maintenance, and enhance the image word of the boss, and do a good job. Although it is a private secretary, the elderly and experienced Catherine, many times will play the role, co-ordination, guidance, and arrangement of the general staff.

In addition, she has been helping Kate Wang Hao's more areas, such as cooperating with some non-government agencies to help children get out of social fear and crime.

Not only has strong work ability, and social ability is not to be underestimated. It is not long for the many staff members of Kensington Palace to be a piece, George and Charlotte also like her. She also guides brothers and sisters to wave with the people.

Even if you are not a senior tyrant, you can eventually be a big PICK. For example, in the specific work, it is never "satchelet younger brother", but can be alone / more faceable.

For example, Chuanpu's female assistant Hop Hicks, what is the content of her, from the help of the Hugawa drying coat, self-ironing on the plane, helping him to release personal twitter, to work The leadership planning of the president's public relations, political image creation and a series of work in the media strategy in front of the people.

How much trust in Kawu? In addition to authorization, she is also photographed from the president's special plane "Air Force No. 1" to take the front door to the president, it is said to have a detailed note: Xiao Xi, you are the best!

Former White House Media Spokesman Sara Sanders believes that this may be because "he (Kawu) knows when she communicates with him, she will never have any purely self-sufficient. motivation."

Zachberg's private assistant Annuka Flagote is known as "one of Facebook's most influential woman", she regards her own partner of Zuckerberg, this is also boss Affirmation.

"My work is not like the secretary of the TV series" advertising madman ", wearing a good-looking skirt, only the lives in the Secretariat. I will attend the meeting on behalf of the senior, and we have a stronger partnership."

At the same time, she also caught all the activities of the boss, knowing and conserving the various secrets of Zuckerberg, and also handling his salary, travel. I have helped him to help him prepare 350 people within 48 hours, even the secret wedding of Zachberg and Plira in 2012, it is also arranged.

With its own ability, many female secrets around you will do well in your career.

For example, "Wearing the female magic of Prada" The author of the original novel Lauren Wei Rigberg, once a US version of "Vogue" editor Anna Wintu's assistant, the novel was created according to the experience of her hand under her hand. . She is the same as Beszos, the same, after the departure, I will open the company again as a writer, and the career is booming.

Relationship with the boss: I am never close

Selected by BOSS, I have worked around for many years. Savion, the secretaries can say that the boss's closest person. Have a good time, love, and deep binding, of course, it is not so happy ...

☞ Get along with the boss, good gathering

Meng Yu Tong and Dong Boss have aware of how long, I started holding hands, the boss also took the initiative to give two coffee, obviously did not put the secretary as a foreign man ~

The assistants around Kate also generally have a good one.

For example, for 10 years for the British royal family, Kate is a private secretary of the private secretary, the evaluation of the other staff members of the royal family, "I know when I want to retreat to Kate, when will I appear in a timely man Being around you. As a private, I am deeply trusted by Kate. "

The English media has also been photographed, and the two are laughing like sisters after the end of the event.

Later, because of marriage, there was no effort to continue working. When the boss was still specially gave her green light - let her and the fiancus hosted a wedding in the royal auditorium of the St. James Palace, it can be said to be a good example.

☞ All the way high to become a belly backbone

There is also a high road around the boss, and finally become the unique side of the backbone.

For example, Zhang Wei graduated from Central University of Finance and Economics into Jingdong to become a management, then became Liu Qiangdong's private assistant, and he had served as hundreds of enterprises in Jingdong, and the boss's trust is visible to her. Last year, I also ranked among the core management and served as the Chief Human Resources of Jingdong Group. Li Ka-shing's first secretary Hong Xiaolian, as early as the "Yangtze River Industry" in the 1960s, he is with him, starting from the administrative secretary, and later runs at the business manager, the general manager of property rental management. As early as the 1980s, it has become an executive director of the Yangtze River Group, which is one of the most trusted hearts of Li Kacheng.

Buffett once praised the secretary to the Secretary Posaka Nike, saying that she is "invaluable assistant", two people often have lunch together, it is said that Buffett also gives her a lot of Berkshire stocks every year.

Some media believe that: "Posaka Nike's biggest skill is to protect Buffett from all kinds of unnecessary requirements (no matter who wants to see Buffet, you need to pass her)", "Berkshire Hathaway does not public relations Or the investor relations person, so her title may be a secretary, but when Buffett is not there, she is his private assistant and the spokesperson of the entire company. "

☞ Marry the boss's depth bundle

Yesterday, there is also trust to the community of interest ~

Former Zimbabwe President Mrs. Lace was originally a secretary of President Mugabe. After a long time, two secretaries were developed, and two children were born. After that, Mukabe's exmospent wife has passed away, and the Lose is from the secretary. Mukaba is in place, she is the most powerful woman in Zimbabwe.

The current Brazilian Mrs. Michel's last speed is faster ~ June 2007 in Brasilia's House of Representatives, the 52-year-old Member Bosoto met the 25-year-old Michel.

In a few days, Bosovardo invited Michelle to be his temporary secretary, Michelle decisively hopped, after 3 months of trial period, she was appointed as a parliament secretary of Bosoto Cabinet, working One year and six months. Not only promoted, but even the salary is two.

If the promotion of raise salary is quadruple, then the feelings of the two are developed in ten times. In fact, the new secretary Michel has worked for nine days. Bosovaro can't wait to sign a pre-marital agreement with her. After two months, they flicked ...

☞ Declarel, turn the face to tear X

As mentioned earlier, it is a positive case, and there is also a small case in a positive case.

There was an author named Ashley Wans, wrote a biography of Mask, and the long-term assistant Mary of Masque was 12 years in the book. When proposed a salary, Mask Let her rest for 2 weeks, but after the holiday is back, I was directly stirred with squid. Although Mask denied this statement, it was still enough to be smashed ~

More miserable is Hillary, she regards secretary Huma Abeding as the most intimate assistant and even her daughter, but it is really pitted.

At that time, Hillary was exploded during the US Secretary of State, using private email and private servers in the home to send and receive official emails, but because she opened her own so-called "private" mail early, FBI is in the remaining mail. "No misconduct and criminal evidence" is found.

On the eve of the election, Huama Abeding's ex-husband Anntane Vija is suspected of being able to organize a 15-year-old female student by the FBI. FBI accidentally found the email deleted by Hillary when investigated, and the number is huge, and it is likely that when Abeding and Winer have not divorced it, Hillary handed his mail to Abeding. The reason is preserved by Abeding's computer ...

Finally, Hillary and the President of the President of the President lost their arms, how many of the "mail door" can't get dry ~

There is also a secretary tortured by the boss. For example, Meigen is a famous difficult service, set the record of 4 assistants in five months. Former private assistant Melisha Tipi worked for 6 months, he couldn't stand it, crying with Meigen harsh.

According to British media, she married into the royal family since Meigen. She has 13 senior assistants in Harry. The reasons disclosed are dissatisfied with work or "bullying", including language PUA, was scared by Meggen Turmaking tears), super-load work (Meggen basically starts to send a message to assistant from 5:00 every day) ...

△ Left is Harry and Meggen's school long Catherine St. - Lorence

These employees have said that they are leaving Harry and Meigen, but it is better to leave Mergen. For example, private secretary Samansha Cohen has been working around Harry before leaving his duty;

△ Left: Queen and Samama Cohen; right: Heather Huang

Ok, the topic of the secretary of the Dafu Secretary will first talk about it. When Fan Friends have read, welcome to comment on the region ~

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