Anzhen 妤 妤 臻 臻 原 双 双 重, 补 补 补 它 它!

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Anzhen 妤 妤 臻 臻 原 双 双 重, 补 补 补 它 它!

2021-11-25 01:29:50 30 ℃

In recent years, domestic products continue to force, from make-up to skin care, "internal volume" is very powerful, more than not lose big cards on the value, and constantly farm in the ingredients. As a consumer, I am of course happy! If you have achieved high quality and cost-effective, who can say "true fragrance".

After entering the pit domestic goods, I will fall in love with them! How do you say, there is a kind of touch, three thousand weak water, just thinking of a small drink. Today, I recommend a newly digged domestic skin care product that I have recently digged.

To say why it is dedicated, of course because it is worth it! Among them, the appearance of Ammus peony water is worth mentioning. It is expressed in the manner of embroidery as a carrier. It reflects the profoundness of the Chinese national culture between the needle line and highlights the noble temperament of the peony.

The core ingredients of Anzhen peony have mainly added peony, prototypes, and the antioxidant capacity of these components is far more than VE, VC, which has obvious anti-aging. Although it is toner, there is still a certain effect for brightening. Component, unsaturated fatty acids, etc., which have a repair function, etc. also added.

Usually I am used to picking up a layer before making up, waiting for the skin to completely absorb the product, then go to the foundation, so that the whole day, the overall makeup face is not card, the dull speed has also slowed a lot. After cleansing at night, you can use the essence. For oil skin, it may be slightly heavy, but in autumn and winter season, it is OK.

Miss with moisturizing highlights can buy, completely start!