GQ red carpet all star stars open!Zhou Dongyu wears a suit to become familiar, Guan Xiaoyu is more bold

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GQ red carpet all star stars open!Zhou Dongyu wears a suit to become familiar, Guan Xiaoyu is more bold

2021-11-25 00:17:04 44 ℃

On November 6th, the GQ red carpet, almost all the female stars played out of the big tricks, the various stun gorgeous gorgeous, let the whole red carpet is very competitive "In addition to the hot bus, Baby In addition to the style of the fairy, there are Zhou Dongyu, Mi Xiaotong, and Guan Xiaoyu's stunning wind.

Zhou Dongyu: More mature after giving up the dress

Zhou Dongyu has a red carpet shape, which makes everyone more embarrassing, mainly because her dress shape is always show, but also wear a shortcomings of the body.

This time, Zhou Dongyu is rare to give up the gorgeous sexy dress, choosing a black suit style, rare red carpet dress style, so that everyone is bright, and Zhou Dongyu's mature, let her stay in front of the camera, domineering Full open.

For a black shape, especially black suit style, it is the most important thing to wear, it is to wear the shape of the shape, and the way of displaying, basically these two types:

1 design through the skin

The first point is through the design of the skin, and the design of the skin is designed in the suit, mainly through the low-collar shape, so look at Zhou Yong Yu's suit. With, the neckline of the dark-top dark V.

2 through accessories

The second point is to highlight the black level through accessories, and often with the low collar style, like necklace and low-collar single, need us to pay attention, it is the style of necklace and Designed, it is generally chosen to select a highly simple design and a bright spot. It is absolutely not wrong.

Mao Xiaotong: wearing a black dress to change the ancient

Mao Xiaotong This red carpet style, although it is a common style of tube top dress, but a black color plus the unique feeling of net finish, it highlights the retro style of the whole shape, and the grid with crushing. Also highlighted the gorgeous feelings.

So for the whole shape, everyone really can't ignore the importance of accessories, especially headwear ...

After choosing the headdress with the clothing style, it will make the whole simple shape make it instantly bright and advanced, and for the dress, the clock is most suitable, can cover half The face of the face can also better highlight the finishing effect of the face type.

Guan Xiaotong: Bold wearing Liu Wen's clothes, turn over

Guan Xiaoyuan is this star shape, the only star in the fuse, this time, the relationship between Liu Wen's dress, but the two effects showed but big, obvious For Liu Wen, Guan Xiaoxiao missed.

Rollover point one: thin fluent is not obvious

For Liu Wen and Guan Xiaoyu, although the same clothes, but in detail, there is still a lot of differences, so I don't know if I have changed my clothes.

It is because these differences, let Guan Xiaoxi's shape directly turn into the car ...

The first point is different, that is, the fabric of the skirt, Liu Wen's skirt, the fabric is the texture of the tulle, which will reveal the skin of the legs, let the whole striped print more advanced and sexy Flavor, but Guan Xiaoyu's dress, the skirt does not have any thin feelings, more like she is in the skirt, the same pants.

For this whole, it is printed dress, the appropriate thin sense is important, in addition to the sexy elements, it can also increase the effect of the styling layer.

Rollover point 2: The layout of the waist is not obvious

The second is different, that is, the waist is styled. The biggest highlight of this skirt is the petal shape of the waist. Because of the huge three-dimensional, it can weaken the entire printing effect, but look at Guan Xiaoyu's clothing, waist The petal shape is obviously more drooping, which is very strange.

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