68-year-old Zhao Yazhi is high-profile students!Wearing the style of the country is too stunning, back is beautiful, 20-year-old

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68-year-old Zhao Yazhi is high-profile students!Wearing the style of the country is too stunning, back is beautiful, 20-year-old

2021-11-25 00:13:17 20 ℃

Zhao Yazhi as "not old goddess" in everyone's mind, every time you appear, you have a deep value and temperament. On November 15th, Zhao Yazhi ushered in his 68-year-old birthday. She sueds birthday photo on the social platform. She is still so beautiful. Zhao Yazhi is really used to interpret different ages to pursue beauty.

From the exposure of the photo and video, it can be seen that Zhao Yazhi interprets two different beauty, and she creates classical charm and fairy, and she is more excellent in the body.

National style 01 national style and modern element integration

In the past two years, the national style can be described as a hot fashion lap. Many national style styles are integrated with modern elements. The two are not only molded from classical charm, but also to perform elegant end villagers, like Zhao Yazhi, this suit. In conjunction with modern elements, we are more bright and fascinating.

Although two different elements are fused, the two elements plays a different match, and the respective advantages will be exhibited, the most amazing is to bring together modern element fire elements.

Modern elements 02

Although these elements are relatively simple, it is perfectly integrated with modern elements in the field of vision, including: V collar; tulle element; irregular cutting; waistline, etc.

1V word collar and irregular cutting

In fact, the most basic two elements are integrated, very well formed in a suit, but the effects of the two are also different, including:

Change the skin area, appropriately transferred everyone's sight to use V to use V to decorate the veneer neck, create a new element of refreshing and sexy adding styles, and create superior gas fields

It has to be said that simple element fusion can form a different beauty, and then create a superior fashion style. However, the tulle element is a key role, perfect show the beauty of classical and fairy. .

2 tapping element

Compared to other materials, the tulle element itself has a great advantage. First, with a light smart effect, you can create a fairy and beautiful look. Secondly, it is to create a mystery, outline the hidden Elegant temperament, highlights superior body.

3 waistline problem

In fact, regardless of whether it is modern or costume shape, the problem of waistline has always been a matter of concern. It is only in the ancient impersula, can only use the belt method to improve the waist line, and then create a superior body and body. Proportion. The way to improve the waist line in modern shapes is a variety of diversification:

"The last short" wear "folding method" to improve the waistline, also have a thin effect

Zhao Yazhi's shape is very good to use the "waist belt method" to improve the waist line, and the costume shape and modern element are perfect, showing clean and neat women.

Careful friends will find that Zhao Yazhi also blesses the bow element, which is better to reflect the sweet and aged gas field, and then build a lady.

03 national style elements

1 national style pattern

In fact, in the process of wearing, the national style element is very easy to attract attention, just like Zhao Yazhi chooses to use the national style pattern or not, it is to showcase classical charm while shaping aesthetic, and then build elegant elegant Effect. From the overall look, the role of the national style includes:

Enriched the sense of shape, create a colorful colorful shape, interpretation of classical charm

I have to say that Zhao Yazhi is worthy of everyone's mind, even if it is a national style, it is still showing a fairy, especially in the back, showing a sense of a sense of a fantastic woman, who will think of her 68 years old, temperament state is too suitable for the national style!

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