These fashion brands tell you, drinking water is fashionable!

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These fashion brands tell you, drinking water is fashionable!

2021-11-25 00:19:21 43 ℃

I believe that everyone is thinking that now is the age of MINI BAG, and the major brands have launched a variety of interesting fashion mini-bags, including recently we have introduced the Chloe cute kettle, there are quite a few Brands also have a lot of kettle hanging packages.

Unknown whether it is still a global popularity of the end, everyone is more important than before, there is indeed a lot of friends who will take a bottle of small kettle from time to time. If you have any, the brands continue to play creativity, and they will use the outdoor activities to develop BOTTLE POUCH into a luxurious fashion kettle bag! Moreover, each brand is also equipped, some brands such as Dior and Fendi will also be launched together with exquisite stainless steel bottles to ensure that different styles of friends can find BOTLE BAG that makes you feel. All the fans of the trend culture, the following Bottle BAG will not let you forget to drink water?


Bottle Holder Flask Holder Made In Collaboration with 24BOTTLES®


Dior Aqua Bottle with shouth strap


Weekend Bottle Holder Bag



Louis Vuitton

1988's Pre-Owned Dom Perignon Bottle Case