How does Zhang Zide grow?Sun Sui Yanyan, the teeth are highlighting the eye bags, suddenly

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How does Zhang Zide grow?Sun Sui Yanyan, the teeth are highlighting the eye bags, suddenly

2021-11-25 01:29:34 18 ℃

Many of the big giants will choose the beautiful woman, and Liu Qiangdong's milk tea, but also has a beautiful and wisdom, and has always received attention. She has become a lady of Jingdong President, she started quietly from dressing style, even if she has a sweethearted doll face, she also began to wear mature professional and small heels, quite a little bit of light ripe.

28 years old, changing, too big old

Still staying in an impression that she is sweet and light, I didn't expect that she suddenly changed. Sun Yingzhao celebrates Zhang Zide of the 28th birthday, is clean on his face, no decoration, even the original eyebrows are sparsely visible, no cosmetics, the skin of the milk tea is still very good, but her appearance It seems that some changes have occurred quietly. When laughing, you can clearly see the prominent teeth and gums, slightly more effectively. Even the governor has been deeply highlighted, and the whole person feels a lot of age.

The original silkworm has become a double thick feeling, and the eye bag is also a bit heavy. Although the whole person smiles, this state is compared to a few years, it is really dropping too much, I originally thought that the promotion as the president, the lady can continue The lady is broad, but from Zhang Zide's state, it doesn't seem to. However, her dress is still cured, a set of purple knitted small coats, and the rushing small fragrant temperament, but her long scroll is short, turned into the straight hair, black becomes Golden, also a lot of peak, still a lot of change.

Professional installation daily paragraph

After the president's wife, Zhang Zide's clothes are all in the case. After all, she is no longer only her an individual of her sister as a milk tea, so many times, she is dressed or Relatively keep cautious. Under the premise of mistakes, the best choice is a variety of professional wind monots. First of all, it is a shirt, shirt and semi-skirt or suit trousers. Everyone is not stranger, and we will choose this to wear like this in a lot of official occasions.

However, Zhang Ze Tian still combined with a relatively young temperament to choose a beige shirt, the design of the neckline, and retaining the stand-aloud, but also made a border collar, more sexy, and also breaking the routine basic paragraph. The riser of the lotus leaf is undoubtedly a lot of gentleness, while the texture of the soft texture, also fades that the flush is excessive, with this long curly hair, the chapter of Zhangze, as if it is still in the workplace Lady kept her true side in joy and sophistication.

Curly hair deeper

The biggest advantage of Zhang Ze Tian is a sweet sense, but it is also her dressing short board as a president. I want to destroy this sweetness. The best way is to change the makeup, refer to Chen Tuling, in fact, two people are one Type, so the first step of being light, it is straight hair curl, so you can notice that in fact, Zhang Zide's activities are basically a big waves. Although some people think that this model is too mature, destroy her in the public Inherent impression in the heart, for a president, this makeup is indeed the direct effective way to reflect the maturity and atmosphere.

Blue dress, solid color wearing, most guarantees texture, and a big trick to rapidly improve clothes. The basic self-cultivation, ensuring enough territory atmosphere, can also hook out the tightening body, and for Zhang Zide, this model really raises her broad Taiwan.

At the end of the root, her clothing temperament is also good. Even if you want to develop in a light cooked direction, there is no red lips and thick makeup, but the basic pure and pure feelings are kept as much as possible, so the final style It seems to be clean and neat.

However, in the past two years, I feel that Zhang Zide's transformation is still very big, I found a personal style, and I have no development of the mature road.

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