LV red carpet birth map!Liu Yifei pants is slightly tight, and Shu Qi is a great better than Zhang Ziyi.

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LV red carpet birth map!Liu Yifei pants is slightly tight, and Shu Qi is a great better than Zhang Ziyi.

2021-11-25 00:18:02 14 ℃

LV design style in many luxury brands can be said to be unique, as unlike other home prefer cultivation of the crop, their home many of which are large size clothing, the big show event held November 17, many stars the clothing is very loose, so with them is very personal aesthetic test of skills. LV red carpet venue slightly shabby! Shu Qi wearing bat sleeve shirt woman full of flavor, pulled by temperament grade

Shu Qi wind loose clothing to wear clothing with a sense of tall

In this piece, Shu Qi is absolutely outstanding tonight, her upper body selected V-neck pullover, not only cut loose, have also joined the very large bat sleeves drape, and she was able not only to retain the whole shape loose brings lazy leisure, but also be able to show the advantages of their own body, which depends on the following aspects:

01: T-shirt into pants + waist section clothing

Loose sense of fashion the most prominent place, is the body curves will cover up, and in order to avoid this problem, the easiest way is to design loose some of its transformation, to create a sense of self-cultivation.

So Shu Qi on the use of this style in the classic shirt into pants with a method, and with the downloading time to choose waist section, so as to achieve the effect of 1 + 1> 2.

When blouse into a high waist leather skirt hem in the front view of the whole waist with a more intuitive show, both to highlight the refreshing sense, but also can further improve the waist, lengthen the leg line proportion, so that the people look more tall and slender.

02: choose a dark combination, to create the effect of extending

While loose clothing can cover version of the fat, but it can also give a significant fat bloated feeling, so we can start from this, the choice of color was thin with obvious effect.

Like Shu Qi is to choose a mix of black body, especially the lower half of the clothing items, also joined the same color combination, the use of black leggings and black shoes combined visually by the black native will shrink and extend results , further modified leg line, to create a big legs.

03: skirts, knee length but, more significantly high

Here we need to emphasize is that if you choose to shun clothing color color-based, then the length of a single product like Shu Qi lower body best, no more than the knee, which would allow more eye-catching exposed legs, and can also be very effectively cover the fat thighs, wide hips or false, for girls charming small stature, it still has a good effect was high.

Shu Qi plays tonight is really too out of color, you know LV red carpet venue on the site map view on life environment is shabby, but she was stunned by virtue of their temperament will be pulled up the grade, even if it is raw map state is also super good, than the finale of Zhang Ziyi also the United states, is indeed the big flower.

Crystal Liu clever use of body cover profile tailoring disadvantages

Also let loose on the red carpet that night type of clothing to wear clothing with a sense of competence, as well as fairy sister Liu Yifei, with Shu Qi Lu different straightforward waist, Liu Yifei method chosen is "cover."

Vertical lines open + suit to wear, cutting correct body proportions

Selected upper profile white suit with good drape and quite broad, while the black lapel stitching design can be further emphasized that the straight line, the entire upper body will be a second division ratio, with the vertical stripe design , so that figure is more prominent sense of line, after so many lines cut, reached was thin on vision.

Silhouette suit, easily blocked thigh

Liu Yifei is a pear-shaped body, thigh fat is easily noticeable, though she was wearing today is more relaxed waist leather pants, but we can still see a little bit tight, so the silhouette of a suit played a very long hem good cover effect, perfectly her thigh modified, combined with the above tips we mentioned, so was thin effect is more prominent.

LV raw red carpet map! Liu Yifei slightly tight leather pants go neutral wind, the state of Shu Qi Zhang Ziyi perfect than the United States

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