How can I wear the diamond ring correct?Diamond ring is different, come and understand

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How can I wear the diamond ring correct?Diamond ring is different, come and understand

2021-11-25 00:18:36 14 ℃

Nowadays, many people began to wear diamonds as people's cognitive levels of diamonds. Diamonds can not only enhance people's taste, but also as a decoration that makes people wearing it full of noble gestures. So how should people wear a diamond ring correctly? Different fingers wear diamond ring have different meaning, come and learn together!

Medium finger to wear diamond ring means love or engagement

Under normal circumstances, people who are in love or engagers will wear the diamond ring in their own fingertips, to express their feelings at this time. In this group, some people will choose some exaggerated diamond rings, to set up and reflect their enthusiastic character; some people will choose some more calm diamond rings, can see their personality is also very calm. .

Nameless fingering diamond ring means married

In some wedding ceremonies, we can see a beautiful picture: the gentleman's men's knees, tell the wife of the vows, and hold the sparkling diamond ring, a lifetime; lady slowly lifting the fiber hand, The men then worn the diamond ring in the name of the lady. Since then, the two people are hit, and they are treasure, no matter what kind of difficulties in the future, they will help each other, men can customize, more commemorative value, such as Levis, real-name customization, only one person, meaning I only love one person in my life.

Other fingers wear a diamond ring meaning

In addition to the diamond wear method mentioned above, there is a different meaning of the other different fingers. For example: Some men will wear a diamond ring on the thumb, used to express their power and status; put the diamond ring in the thumb means unmarriedism; put the diamond ring in the forefinger, means that the feeling of feelings at this time is single .


The above is the introduction of diamond wear, and people can wear diamonds in accordance with the correct Dai Fa. If you encounter the index finger to wear a single nobles, you can also be courageous.