I changed the new hairstyle of Song Wei!Wear shirt skirt fresh show leg, small yellow shoes make her trendy max

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I changed the new hairstyle of Song Wei!Wear shirt skirt fresh show leg, small yellow shoes make her trendy max

2021-11-25 14:47:28 12 ℃

Speaking of Song Yizhen, recently seems to have a lot of expansion, and the big brand fashion activities can see her figure, and since the side, Song Hao's fashion is still good ~

In the last 7 days, Song Yizhen made the fans in three consecutive activities, and she has become a lot of inflatable, and she tries this kind of suit short skirt gas field. LOOK! And this short hair is not necessarily limited to her shape.

The private Song Yizhen is more exciting for the private service. Every time I can find highlights of the highlights, I also prefer Get her clothes ~ this is not, recently Song Wei's airport private service is another simple LOOK, but it is equipped with full fashion details ~

It can be seen that Song Wei should be a new route, choose a fresh-mounted light blue shirt skirt, which seems to be trend this year ~ It's also the way. Sign in next time, further show the long legs, obliquely cross a small leather bag, Song Yizhen, you will be too worn!

I also found it carefully. Song Hao seems to have a hairstyle to her. The short short hair suddenly became this broken short hair, and the level is more obvious. "

And the Song Hao in the day was also chosen a white baseball cap. He didn't completely show his new hairstyle. On the same day's shirt skirt, blue striped Oversize design, there is a drawing string in the waist, don't worry, no waist ~

At the same time, how much can I see the sodi design left by the side of the shorts, adding the overall level of hierarchy, and put the eyes on the clean and neighful legs ~ and this double-eyed small yellow shoes It is a fashionable tool, a simple Loops design, first in the style of harmony, and the blue white series suddenly has such a bright yellow decoction, the whole person's temperament has become bright ~

The hat from the brand VETEMENTS is not pure white but the slope of the slope, the center has an embroidery logo, which is also a blue-white matching new ~ bag from her endorsement brand Jimmy Choo, classic small square design, Add a diamond round buckle, will not feel too monotonous and hidden in a small luxury ~

This blue white striped shirt skirt is expected to become a popular trend of this year, and the loose style is very meat. Plus the waist and the bottom of the drawstring design, there will be no previous formal feelings, more is the casual style ~ shoes from Chanel's joint style, Loofu shoes, the slippers, mainly in color, give Overall extra points ~

It's not for a long time to say that Song Yizhen is still a long time. If you turn to your eyes, you will be able to break the look, and the whole person has a little lazy with sex. This is a shirt show. Legs, this calf line looks like it is more thinner than before, but the whole tasty part is still this pair of small yellow shoes, fashionable and childlike, must be the best!