Jade has "four black", the first kind of dislike, the fourth is sought after!

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Jade has "four black", the first kind of dislike, the fourth is sought after!

2021-11-25 14:47:42 12 ℃

There is black in jade, the top three are considered impurities, and the last thing is sought after, and let's take a look.

First, black spot

The black spots on the jade refers to a black spray spot that exists in the green of emerald, a form of a spots or strip. According to the differences in its shape, color, distribution characteristics, etc., it can be divided into black dots, black wire, black belt. The folks generally referred to as "porenter".

There is a close relationship between the emerald gambling stone and has a close relationship with green and green. Because there are "dead" and "living". It is often a "porenter" on an emerald stone to prove that this will be colored, and whether it is a color to eat, or a colors.

Second, black belt, black silk

Black belt is indeed a black belt or pulse in the jade, commonly known as "black strap". If the black is presented as a gather shape or irregular shape, this is "black".

Black tape is often arranged in parallel with green tape, sometimes a layer of green, sometimes a layer of black, green, and multiple black and green into interlayers. Blackoise and green are often attached or packaged, and green is often attached to the outside of the black.

Black silk is a black silk in the jade. Sometimes for individual and short black silk, sometimes or width or narrow slice shapes. Sometimes it is intensive, it is black wire from a small range.

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Third, black

The black spot refers to the spotted black in the green of the jade, with a variety of diverse shapes and sizes, often distributed in the jade of green and water foot. There is a large black point that is alone, or the distance between the black spots is generally called "black dots".

There is also a slightly large black spot called "fly sword" in more than a fine, and the flash feature is called "Black Star". It is called "sand", which is covered with a small sand. Called "Sandbag".

Fourth, black jade: Mo Cui

Mo Cui is a jade and a scarce variety in jade varieties. The ink is black, the green, and Mo Cui refers to the green color of the green color.

According to Chinese traditional yin and yang five-way learning: "Black is water, water energy is full of money", China has black evil spirits since ancient times, and said. Mo Cui is black, but it is also very majestic, full of mystery. Its low-profile introverted qualities, which have attracted many successful people to be sought after and low-key.