Winter can't have a skirt, now popular "knee pleated skirt", you can take a coat and cotton clothes

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Winter can't have a skirt, now popular "knee pleated skirt", you can take a coat and cotton clothes

2021-11-25 14:47:56 18 ℃

Winter is always wearing trousers long coat, always feels tone, plus the effect of layer stacking and bloated. From the perspective of fashion, winter modeling cannot be only greedy, but also try to pursue fashion effect.

In fact, it is not difficult to keep warm and hipster. It is recommended to try the knee pleated skirt. Whether it is with a coat or a cotton suit, the down jacket is good.

Although it is winter but there is no skirt, it is now particularly popular "knee pleated skirt", which can be equipped with coats and cotton clothes and lightweight. And don't pick the age, mature women put them more likely to emit elegant charm. So this period of cat sisters come to talk about the single item of the knee pleated skirt, and related matching skills with coats and cotton clothes.

First, why suggest that winter is passing through the knee pleated skirt in winter?

It is not a skirt in winter, and it is easier to create a stylish shape than the long trousers. Because everyone in winter is relatively thick, they also prefer brunette and black on color, so the light-moving long skirt stands out in the background of the desolate depression. The cold skirt suggests "wearing long and not wearing short", now the knee skirt is now red, help you take a woman.

In particular, the pleated skirt is better than the ordinary long skirt, and the delicate pleat gives the skirt, and the winter woman is full of her, and mature women wear also help to highlight elegance.

And many people may worry that the dress is not warm enough, it is not difficult to solve this. You can keep warm in the knee pleated skirt to keep warm, you can easily do warmth and trendy feelings. You can even match the "light leg artifact", closer to your skin, and create a lightweight skin.

Second, over the knee pleated skirt + coat

Compared with the thick warmth of the down jacket, the girl who loves beauty is clearly preferred to be the advantages and practitioners of the coat, and it is not bloated and the body can be improved. The style of the coat is more biased towards hard and atmospheric, destroyed tailoring and clear shoulders, revealing a bit of chic.

The knee pleated skirt is a full woman flavor. When you have a coat, you will have a woman's taste to make the shape, no longer a monotonous style, but just brought gentle beauty, and high level.

1: The coat is shorter than the skirt, there is a sense of level

The coat proposes a little shorter than the skirts of the knee pleated skirt, and there is also a sense of level. Especially for small children, there is a risk of low body, then the clothes of the coat can avoid removal, which is easier to control the small son.

The specific effect can be referring to the shape, the pleated skirt gives the skirt to show up from the coat coat, and the level of the stack is superior to a small shape. The small child puts on the high and easy to relax.

2: Match boots, increase retro trendy feelings

The overall shape is not only in the costume, but the shoes on the feet can further increase the effect of trendy. Everyone in winter loves to wear boots, not only keep warm and retro. The combination of coat + long skirt + boots demonstrates the perfect formula of senior temperament.

Boots are more recommended to choose boots, and it will not be dragged with the knee skirt, and the retro breath is added. In conjunction with the coat, the road is swayed, and the profile of the leather boots exudes handsome breath, so that the gas field is more obvious.

Third, over the knee pleated skirt + cotton clothes

The main advantages of cotton clothes and down jackets are warm, but the main use of the filler is different, but the characteristics of a lot of swollen are still existing, so it should be taken to avoid bloating when they match. And the knee pleated skirt is sufficient enough, and the cotton clothing can also balance the bloated feeling, bringing hipster atmosphere.

1: According to the shortage of the short, it is not dragged

The short-length matching skill is a very significant matching method in wear, the above choice short section chooses long, and the high-level leg is long. Moreover, the cotton clothes themselves have a physical sensation, and the clothes are still equivalent to alleviating the sensitivity.

The knee pleated skirt is a clear long section, with a short cotton clothing, it is not expensive to wear high effects, and it is also recommended that small children will control. Even the down jacket can be opened open, exposed inside the inner line, and increase the waist line through the inner bed.

2: Use the same color matching, and the high-level

And cotton clothes are not suitable for too exaggerated design, and if you accidentally add body feelings. The development of the brilliance is to avoid misconduct, and it can continue this when it comes with the knee pleated skirt, and the error rate increases the high level.

The knee pleated skirt is not only to choose solid color. In colors and cotton clothes, it is the ultimate simple expression, such as beige cotton clothing with beige, the upper and lower visual effects can be easily Vertically modify.

Ok, this issue is introduced here about the content of the knee pleated skirt. Do you think it is true?

Wen: Xiao Yuer ~