Lin Xinru is high-profile appeared in the new drama!Wearing the golden skirt styling greasy mighty, face

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Lin Xinru is high-profile appeared in the new drama!Wearing the golden skirt styling greasy mighty, face

2021-11-25 14:44:41 14 ℃

Lin Xinru in these years, it is not stable, sometimes in the open space, the face is obviously awkward and the old state, let her value amazing is also a big discount, November 22nd, Lin Xinru held a new drama The press conference, played with other starring people, and this time she is very disappointed.

In front of the lens, Lin Xinru is dark, plus makeup's greasy feelings and storms with the whole dress, let her have no beauty, the whole person looks more older.

For the wearing, we often emphasize : less is more, and Lin Xin as this style, completely did not do this:

1 gold fabric increases styling old gas

Less is more, is a highly simple style, simple shape, simple design, will make the overall dress with high levels, more amazing, and Lin Xinru, no matter from the fabric, Color or style design reflects any minimalism effect.

First come and look at the fabric, the whole dress chooses the fabric of the golden material, with the flash of the silver, let the fabric look very exaggerated and old, for the gold fabric, although it is all flash The piece of decoration, but the visual effects brought by different backgrounds are completely different.

Like this dark color, because the color tone is deep, it will make the whole flash decoction look especially old gas, such toner does not get any effect on the modification of skin color, but instead It will also make skin color look more dull.

The most advanced and exquisite gold fabric is a light-colored gold-tone color matching flash, which can wear the most advanced effect and gorgeous feelings ...

2 is more complicated

If the fabric comes with an exaggeration, then the clothing is more simple, but Lin Xinru's dress, the design method of the whole long dress is very complicated, whether it is the outline of the skirt, the shape of the waist Or the design of the neckline has their own focus, and then match the gold fabric, let the whole dress do not have any advanced feelings.

01 skirt profile:

First let's take a look at the silhouette of the skirt, Lin Xinru, the long skirt, choosing the pleated parachute skirt, such a shape does not have any problems, but with the gold fabric, will let the whole skirt There is no refreshment, but it is better to highlight the stupidity of the shape.

02 waist shape:

The design of the dress is a good design, in fact, a good way to increase the shape of the profile hierarchy, although Lin Xinru, this dress chooses the same waist design, but through the wide belt highlights the waistline position, It is not very suitable, and the addition of wide belt will be visually added to the visual view of the whole shape.

If the dress is all looking at it, then the whole shape does not have any advanced and fashion sensation, no matter how wearing it, it is very rustic.

03 neck shape:

For the neckline of the skirt, we will generally choose the design simple neck shape, because this can maximize to modify the neck line and body, so it is like a V-neck, round neck, one word, stand-collar, It is a good choice.

However, Lin Xinru's skirt has chosen the most obvious neckline of the model, which is the three-dimensional feeling of lapel, lapel, with the whole body of the gold, not only can not play the modification, but also highlight the cumbersis of shape. Sense, and this lapel is also equipped with a streamer design.

In the past, for the addition of the streamer, the purpose is to increase the hierarchy of the shape, highlighting the three-dimensional feeling, but only for the extremely simple style, and for Lin Xinru, it is very uncomfortable. NS.

3 shoes is a failure

Finally, let's take a look at the shoes she chose. According to reason, if the whole dress has already had a lot of attention, then for the choice of the shoes, it is necessary to choose the basic color and the easiest style design, but Lin Xinru has chosen a pair. Red high heels, the sequins decoration on the upper, not only does not get a unified effect of visually up and down, but let the whole dress is very harmonious.

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