Bold life, you don't have so many viewers

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Bold life, you don't have so many viewers

2021-11-25 14:47:47 14 ℃

The girls joked for about two kinds, one kind of Zhang Yang, as long as she is happy, the photo is ugly is nothing more, only as sharing, will share it all.

There is also a delicate girl, exquisite to the nail, good-looking nails, smooth hair, new dressing, good-looking new clothes. Each time you send a picture, you will choose to make the best, then practice, ton, and finally you can send a circle.

And I am in the two, open the beauty filter, the skin whitening filter is in one breath, as long as I feel good, I will be satisfied with a sharing. I sometimes have a selfie, but also new nails, cute socks. Good-looking flowers will share.

But recently, I gradually started to try to share the original picture, the original picture of the original camera, as long as the atmosphere, posture, emotional is in place, don't repair it, although it may look fat, it is not so white, face It is not so smooth, and even some little flaws.

But what is it? Is it just that the sun is not worth sharing? Does lush flower trees are not worth sharing? Is it worthy of sharing? I feel the mirror, I think that all day is the United States.

Compared with the wait for many days, detail the picture, repair a tricks, repair a micro-faced face, repair a traught double chin, I am more willing to enjoy the joy of sharing.

Even if there is anything about perfect? That is the most authentic, myself is the truest life. It is my own life, there may be audiences, but the biggest viewer should be my own, I am happy to be top-top.