How to dress according to your age, will not be like an angle

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How to dress according to your age, will not be like an angle

2021-11-25 14:47:53 12 ℃

Today, it has a huge advantage of a sewing machine. After that, you can also sew clothes for yourself, you can also purchase unhefunge clothes and change their shape, so that it is completely suitable for your body. This will produce huge differences - even if it is a cheap clothes, if they correctly bind and modify your body, it can also look very unlike. Another benefit is that when you make a sensational promotion, you find that all the best prices are not your size, you might buy errors and adjust their size. Another option is to purchase half of your favorite clothes, then change them by changing outlines, neck ports or sleeves, or beautifying design.

However, for those who truly don't want to sewing sewing at the age of 40, it is essential to find local tailors.

Time to study your body and determine which shapes and styles are suitable for you. Honesty to yourself: try to create an informant psychology and 3D image for your current figure using the mirror and tape measure. This way, you will avoid things that have been brought to you when you are young, but don't choose.

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Then spend more time to explore the choice in a wider store - don't stick to your old favorite, they may no longer fit you. In addition, every store, every brand will continue to introduce new products - extensive search.

Always bring different clothes to fit clothes - you can try anything that attracts your attention, rather than re-wearing clothes back to change new clothes. Try you from undetemted styles. We are naturally programmed to use the same "safe" item, the same color, the same fabric, one season again. Bold try new models, new tones and new textures, you may find some amazing things, let you look great.

When trying on clothes in the store, make sure you wear suitable underwear and suitable shoes (if you hate shopping centers in high-heeled shoes, please bring it with you), and always bring a hand-held small mirror so you can see yourself from later. .

Don't listen to the seller

Never listen to the sales staff: they are salesperson, usually more than you, and will tell you everything they are taught when they are sold! And in order not to hurt their feelings, please help you take fit. It is better to listen to your own research, these research is a professional fashion and style blog that carefully draws from your years of experience and online surf.

When you bring new items home, keep tags and keep receipts until you plan to wear them. With the growth of age, the regret of retail does increase, you might find things that look great in the stylish quality atmosphere, not suitable for your lifestyle.

In fact, it makes it more mature and often let us get rid of young, we are more confident to shoot inner self to the world. Learn your own, your style, and find images that make you feel great and comfortable. But you have to choose wisely.

From time to time, we have experienced the style of the style of style from time to time, just think it is a bit of grid. Even for those who have filled basic funds and interesting items in those wardrobs, they need new ideas from time to time.

Therefore, there are five prompts on how to add fun to your style.

Many people in you have used style and image tutorials to analyze colors. This process will help you choose a color combination that best suits you unique skin, hair and eye color. These colors will make you feel refreshed, let your skin glow youthful, not let you get exhausted, let you look unhealthy.

You may have received or recommend a seasonal or tone tone sample containing your best color. These palettes are a quick and easy way to help you determine if a clothes or accessories are suitable for you and can be used with other colors in the palette. This will be particularly useful if the store is inadequate, or you don't have time to try something.

You may consider a lot of clothes we wear, you may even consider adding an interesting necklace, but what about your hand?

When did you choose a fun ring for yourself?

Usually, wedding rings and engagement rings will wear, but bold things? bright?

They are not necessarily a large investment property, while old-fashioned stores, Shein is a good place to get attractive interest. They add personalities to your shape. Stylish rings will show your style.

When we shop, we naturally be attracted to what we already have, we used to buy things because they like. This is some way someone may get multiple versions of the same item, such as jeans, black pants or white shirts, but how to challenge themselves try some things you usually do? Skirt instead #? Is it still short? New # style # Have you not tried it? Try new things, I like # 裤, thick heels and silver boots. Who will know?

If I have never tried new things, I won't know. This prompted me to buy a new floral dress. And all this is because I force myself to try new things. What will you try?

Most women will wear a pants for a period of time. Some will always wear.Many people in you will regularly change a jeans.But have you considered a replacement?Almost every time, when you can wear jeans, you can replace the cowboy # skirt.They also work all year round, the classic style is really outdated, so they will last for many years.

They look great in autumn and winter with # high boots or in summer with # 鞋 and simple T-shirts look great.They even match the sandals and leather # jackets look great.this is your choice.

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