Baida Tiancai skin care shop, more bonded to the needs and preferences of contemporary young consumers

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Baida Tiancai skin care shop, more bonded to the needs and preferences of contemporary young consumers

2021-11-25 14:45:16 13 ℃

Data show that since the third quarter, it has been influenced by many provinces in the country, and the overall consumption demand in society is weak, especially cosmetics, and sales have dropped significantly.

In this context, many industry head brands play a combination of boxing, boost sales, and robbed the market by putting advertising, changing price cuts, gift discounts.

The outer head brand is combined with strand, and there is consumption demand continues to be weak, and many domestic cosmetic brands are in danger. Of course, there is a dangerous organizer, a small number of brands through the previous strength accumulation, achieving the wind and flying and self-growth, famous cosmetic brand Baidi Tianjiao, is one of them.

Thanks to the rich and improvement of the product matrix, the continuous improvement of R & D and production capacity, and the construction of all sales channels. Bai Yan Tian Jiao not only perfectly passed the crisis, but also realized high-quality development, and joined more in the country. The store has achieved opening. There is no doubt that no matter whether the consumer market is still in the capital market, he is optimistic about the development potential of Baida Tianjiao and the wealth space.

At the beginning of its establishment, Baida Tianjiao will take anti-risk awareness root into the brand gene, its founder said: "The future, the competition of cosmetics will be more intense, to have been prosperous, you must practice internal strength, wear product, refine Service, follow the market situation to complete the phased evolution. "Standing today, the concept of Baishi Tianjiao is extremely forward, and today's business's bright data, it also highlights the correctness of its strategy.

Bai Dai Tianjiao all the way, through independent incubation and signing negotiations, constantly enriched products, and strive to cover all consumer groups and achieve sales of sales performance.

And this move also effectively helps Bai Dai Tianjiao hedging competition and market risk. At present, Bai Yan Tianjiao has reached a collaboration with hundreds of cosmetic brands, built a full-class matrix from the public to medium and high, from the basic beauty makeup to deep care, fully meet the beautiful needs of consumers.

Many franchisees said that they choose Bai Dai Tianjiao, because of its full-class matrix advantages, various grades, prices, efficacy, age groups, can easily drain customers and promote the transaction.

In fact, consumers also like Baidi Tianjiao this quality, choose more, low price cosmetics store, once in entering the store, you can buy a global good goods, which is convenient and saved.

The wine is also afraid that the alley is deep. To this end, Baida Tianjiao continues to force in the promotion of many key points.

In terms of research and development, Baida Tianjiao and Guangdong Pharmaceutical College Teaching Base, the Guangdong Science and Technology Department, the Guangdong Science and Technology Department, the establishment of a deep relationship, and relying on the group's strong daily resources and advanced technology to create three major products of "self-research products + international boutique + skin management" The business system, strive to naturally realize the true, scientific force, the beauty of quality against skin problems, to reduce consumer healthy muscle.

In terms of service, Bai Yan Tianxiaojui has built the industry's first shared beauty technology center. Consumers can get a professional skin experience, and work in beauty care techniques and multi-functional skin instruments. Under, open intimate luxury skin care ceremony, this is also the reason why Baidi Tianjiao satisfaction and repurchase rate is significantly higher than the same type of brand.

In terms of channels, Baida Tianjiao created the linkage mode of "physical store + e-commerce guide + community marketing + new retail", ensuring that consumers can buy products anytime, anywhere, and franchisees do not lack of passenger flow performance.

In the long run, with the increase in people's income and the control of the epidemic, the consumption around "Beautiful" has risen sharply. Baili Tianjiao, multi-brand operation and focus on R & D services will further expand user coverage, enhance brand value, lead franchisee to successfully start a business.