Luhan fights for hardening people!New large-scale cut hair shaving eyebrows halmon, wearing red suit is very bold

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Luhan fights for hardening people!New large-scale cut hair shaving eyebrows halmon, wearing red suit is very bold

2021-11-26 00:14:03 11 ℃

Luhan has always been known as the long phase, and the appearance of Huamei man, let him get a lot of powder when it is just out, but with the growth of age, he can also feel obviously to feel the desired transformation, so recently These styles have developed towards the wind. Luhan new big exposure! Green suit with black leather boots do not turn over? Specially shaved eyebrow tough guy

In this group of fashion blocks exposed on November 25, Lu Han's hairstyle has changed a lot of makeup, so as soon as possible to show his hormones.

The first is that the hair stop is performed, especially the two sides are shaved into an inch, and Liu Hai is also trimmed, which is more refreshing. The whole person is slightly messy, and the whole person has a few points.

In addition, the makeup also has a modification of the tough guy, not only choosing the face of the cotton, but also the treatment of gripping on the eyebrows, and there is a man taste.

Although there is a tough guy in the hair style, it still maintains a very bold style, high satiety color cooperation with a variety of single product portfolios, and we will Let's analyze the color matching of this big piece of color.

One: Light Yellow Shirt + Green Suit + Black Five Pants + Black Boots

Keywords: bright color combination, mixing, personal sexy

We all know that when you have a multi-clothing, it is best to maintain the three-color principles in color, and this set of styles on the deer is diverse, but also the saturation of the main item is also very high, it has been very strong. The visual impact, but it still does not turn over, the key point is what these:

01: Shallow and exterior look, keep the transition effect harmony

When multi color is mixed, we must first determine who is the main one who is the second, the style of Luhan is very clearly based on green suit, high brightness texture, so that the whole shape is very eye-catching, in such In the case, the other items should be given a certain amount of retreat, so that it can better lining green.

So we can see a light-tuning shirt, a very good transition in the entire saturation, not only don't go to the owner, but you can use the light-colored soft feeling and green glare. Let the shape more harmonious.

02: Select a combination of hundreds of color, not robbing the limelight

When mixing with high saturation colors, many people will worry about other colors, and the deer is set, it gives us a very good idea, that is, choose Hundred Colors to match.

The black high waist pants in the lower body is also good, and the bright surface of the boots on the feet are good, which is mainly black, so that the stability of the darkness can be better to back. Zhang Yang, simultaneous downward color matching can also make the entire shape guarantee a certain continuation, and it will not be messy in multi-color combination.

Key words: Mingyan, Zhang Yang, strong visual impact

Like green, the red saturation is also very high, and what it brought more, it should be more prominent, so when we choose a large-scale red costume, you must pay attention to the selection of the pattern pattern, in order not to make the entire shape change I am so messy, it is best to take a solid color matching route.

Like Luhan's styling is to make it out with light blue solid color shirt, with red form a good collision, which can use blue highlights the freshness, while avoiding conflicts with red, giving people A bright feeling in front of you.

Luhan fights for hardening people! New large-scale cut hair shaving eyebrows halmon, wearing red suit is very bold