Old bag can treat disease, new package for youth

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Old bag can treat disease, new package for youth

2021-11-26 00:13:36 7 ℃

Monday, who is more vomiting blood, it seems that today is Xiaoxue, the Beijing demon wind is raging, really feel cold to the bones. Mao hair will be questionnaire, let us make a changing bag recommendation.

I can say that Beijing is too cold, the bag is too lazy, the suspect is cold.

After the opening of the morning, I took a big parcel to give me a big parcel. I originally bought two box bags with the second aunt. This color is a good brown, and I will get off work in the evening. Excited back home to go home and go to haha, and since the woman loves the bag.

I should see many times, there is nothing new, older, often talking, hand cream, lip balm, ballpoint pen, bursting ball, perfume, chewing gum, sunglasses, these you have seen.

Hand Cream I added a recent new pet small rainbow hand cream.

The focus is to say is that the roll-back ESTHE PRO LABO collagen jelly, this is my love, paying attention to this thing, I have seen this thing in the first few years, I took it in the package.

Now the price is more cost-effective, it is really expensive in the end, it is more expensive.

Esthe Pro Labo once I have to go shopping in Tokyo, you must go shopping in shopping. Beauty coffee has known the nose of oral collagen jelly.

I really, I will eat a jelly and give him. . .

Nowadays, all kinds of jelly in the national goods, the fire of the five flowers of the fire is inspired by this.

However, the EPL status is not shaken. For those years, there is no continuing to become popular, the reasons are one, too expensive, 690 buckets in the early years, a barrel 30, one hundred and less than 690 yuan. And the jelly strips of these followers are cheap, and snacks can not be so cheap.

However, even if the epidemic is affected, EPL still has a batch of loyalty, the reason is the effect, this is a useful thing I have eaten all the beauty jelly, not only the jelly, but a true useful beauty oral clothing. Before the epidemic, the powder pack is long so, and now there is some change in the new version of the outer package.

Ok, return to jelly itself, the brand suggest that it does not exceed three, you don't eat a bunch because it tastes delicious! ! ! After eating, I can't absorb, don't waste, 2 in the day, there is more use, it is useless.

According to the past feedback, according to each person's situation is different, some people feel full of skin, and some people may feel good when they eat the second bucket.

This thing to eat is insisting, you said that I have stopped for ten days, I didn't have it. I didn't improve it. I haven't seen it yet. You will stop, and you will have no significant effect. If you are very worried, then I suggest that day or two.

I tried it when I eat, a few days, I really saw the signs of the skin in a short time, and showing a fascinating glossy sense of feminine glamor.

About EPL's collagen jelly, I wrote the homework in my early years, you can refer to you.

I have read a presentation that its molecular weight is between 900-1100DA, the most easily absorbed by the body is about 1000 da. The official suggested 1-2 a day, it is okay, don't eat three or five times like my colleague ~

This jelly has rice extracted vegetable cyanoid, collagen peptide, proteoglycan, hyaluronic acid, etc. Don't be afraid of fat.

These are now new upgrades, the jelly taste is the same as before, the texture is slightly different, which is easier to break than the jelly strips in the morning, and it is soft, because the formula has upgraded. Don't pinch it, you will be broken.

I swear, I am really a health care product, I am dead.