155 small children, this is really belonging to our dress!Assembly, high, beautiful

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155 small children, this is really belonging to our dress!Assembly, high, beautiful

2021-11-26 00:12:16 8 ℃

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Hi, I am Xiaoju, continue our gainful trip ~

Is there a small sister who is the same as me? That is how to wear it can be high, temperament, we must first understand what kind of body model before wearing, then you can start picking up items.

Common body types are generally divided into: apple type, pear shaped, hourglass, H-type, apple-shaped body is relatively round, and the lower body is more slender.

The pear shaped figure refers to the shape of a pear, generally shoulders narrow, waist, hip wide, and the thighs are full, and the hull firing is always a relatively perfect body, chest, waist, buttockwide, The thighs are full of pears, which is more envious of many sisters.

The H-shaped body is also known as a linear, the main feature is that the width of the shoulder and the buttocks is close, the curve is not obvious, the waist is not obvious, that is, the upper and lower widespread.

After looking for your own body, we have to pay attention to several points, 1, picking the color color should not be too confusing; 2. Try to choose the single product of the high waist line; charm.

Today, I have given the sisters a few sets of Japanese wind wear demonstrations. It is very friendly for our small sisters. It can help us to pull our height ratio. They are more common commuter winds, daily leisure, and go to work. .

Small sub-sweater to do a demonstration

Now in winter, our wear will be high, we must keep warm, sweaters are very good choices, warmth effect is good.

The short sister chooses the short sweater very correct, we can use it with a variety of high-spirits, choose orange casual pants to do it, then wear a pair of long boots with a pair of boots, handsome is also very profitable, put sweaters The corner plug half juttered in the pants and creating a high waist line, which has played a high and elongated body proportion.

Half skirt + bottoming shirt wearing a demonstration

It is not to say that a short dress cannot wear a long dress, as long as it is matched, the long skirt can also show our strengths and elegant.

The pure black half length skirt has a wide profile, even if there is a bit of meat on the leg, don't worry, the top picks the same color to make the upper shirt, plus a length of the shirt that is a length to the hips to create a high level of the same color, and then The waist is a leather belt, which focuses on the waist, and instantly creates three seven points visual sense.

Sweater + suit pants

When the short sister is picking the trousers, it must pay attention to the waist line. The design of the high waist will generally turn to the eyes, gather your attention in the body, so that your sight is increased.

Pure black high waist suit, this is designed for small sisters, color can help us get the effect of modifying the body, and the short sweater is also very good, this is the true waist or less It is a wearing method, and the sweater has made a cross design, and it is still very fashionable.

Half skirt + sweater + high heels

As a small child, you can also improve our height through high heels, and high heels have increased height, optimize leg-type curve, improve people's temperament, sexy, etc., sisters may wish to try.

The high heels of the python pattern are not tired, and the shoe is doing the London style small round head, looks good and atmospheric, and the half-length skirt with long to the calf is also particularly a woman. It is selected. V-neck Mahai wear sweater, keep warm and overall look very harmonious, can wear anything.

Coat + half skirt

Coats are essential in winter, but not to say that the short sisters are not dead, just the opposite is that the long coat small sisters will be particularly high, but the version is not too bloated.

The long-long coffee color coat is particularly suitable for winter, which is more chic, grow to the top of the ankle relative to the warm card, we can wear a leopard's skirt to make a dress Throw it outside the coat, the ocean is good, the upper selection of knitted cardigan is mixed, and the overall superimposed effect is fresh and aged, very temperament.

Coat + dress

There should be one in the wardrobe in our wardrobe, warm wind wind can also wear high-level feelings, especially the coat that can wear it, it will make people fall in love.

Long fur coats come with high-level, and simple version of the body, especially like is the design of the neck, can be casual, and simple floral dress + knit vest, age It is also a temperament, and it takes a pair of high heels, and the gas field instantly improves a lot.

I will share it here today. I like the sisters remember to collect, maybe when you don't wear a feeling, you can come out.

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