Acne skin must have facial cleanser, conformity to acne cleanser

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Acne skin must have facial cleanser, conformity to acne cleanser

2021-11-26 00:13:26 6 ℃

Acne, has become a difficult problem of most people, "war" pox road, step 1 is to do, it is cleaned! The first thing we got up every time is to wash your face. One step you must do before going to bed is also washing your face. It is important to wash your face. Keep your face clean, you can't leave the face, you want to remove acne, simple and effective method is Washing face.

Since it is necessary to remove acne, first step 1 should understand how acne is formed, the acne is mainly caused by blocking the pores, so as long as the skin cleaning can reduce acne, and acne cleanser It is a good cleansing choice. What are you using the acne facial clean? Today, come to introduce this - Concord acne cleanser!

Concord acne cleansing brand background:

The predecessor of the Cooperative Acne Washing Milk is the predecessor of Suzhou Association Pharmaceutical, which is the "Suzhou Wu County of the School of Dermatology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. The research institute has established the joint venture factory, and the two parties cooperate to conduct skin products, as well as product production and marketing, so far in the Suzhou Association of Pharmaceutical brand has been more than 30 years!

Three-effect one, specializes in pox muscle:

This facial cleanser is not only cleaned, but also is very suitable for acne skin, it is gentle and rich, low bubble cleansing, not only deeply cleaning the dirty dirt in the clean pores, but also soothes the pox muscle, not to acne Stimulating, after cleansing, it is not tight, and the moisture of the skin can also keep the skin, balance the water oil, and use the basic bid farewell to the full face!

Mild components are safe to use:

The main ingredients of the Accenes, the main ingredients are chrysanthemums and vitamin E, which can be soothing to make the skin, but also nourish the skin, so that the skin is glowing from the inside out, and it contains aloe vera and mint ingredients, In the water moisturizing, it can always keep the skin's refreshing state, clear cool feeling very comfortable, North American gold puller extract This can balance the skin and control the balance of water and oil.

If you are also full of acne, it is better to take a shower for pores every day. The pores are clean and clean. The acne will naturally dissipate. Every day, don't forget the important skin care step is clean, clean, acne, acne Can you half! Concord acne washing milk, not only easy to use, the price is still very high, one can use for half a year, so affordable and easy to sell domestic skin care products, still not fast!