The industry's first hair | 2023 spring and summer men's clothing color full program guidance, trend warning to see first!

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The industry's first hair | 2023 spring and summer men's clothing color full program guidance, trend warning to see first!

2021-11-26 00:13:57 14 ℃

Everything is inspiration color, and everything in nature is growing in the recovery, and the source is endless.

From the first sunshine in the morning, the color changes in the sky sang the most wonderful melody; the natural scenery of the spring is especially attractive, the grass is Hua Rong, the fields are horizontal, all of which are the purest colors; city and people The life is closely related to the inspiration in the daily day, and the heavens and the earth are integrated into one, vitality.

Key Words Keywords

Decompression Healing

Natural Space Natural Space

Elegant functional elegance

Artistic Edification Art Deep

Everything is spiritual-design element

The key design elements under the theme, combined with daily state, integrate the practical body design concept into detail design.

The use of plant fiber materials, blended fabrics, delicate and soft knit fabrics and fashion sustainable fabrics are used to relieve the binding of the body to the body with a thin and fashionable fabric, smooth and fitted shape. Microcomputer can detail, further improve functionality, perceived everyday becoming the most important design ideas.

Everything is spiritual-design element

The four color series are: return to this source, explore natural, urban microcomputer, summer abortion; respectively: future home, daily outdoor, urban function, simple literary four style.

"Return to this source" with dream neutral color depicting light future home quality

"Exploring Nature" with a quiet, harmonious color creation of the natural space of the modern urban people

"Urban Micrometers" shows light, relaxed and free-filled urban series responded to people to broaden their horizons and enjoy outdoor demand

"Summer Heaven" is looking for an ideal common Utopia in a relaxed and comfortable

Color series one: return to this source

The sky is turned into a light and elegant color tone, and the return of the native color is mixed with a variety of neutral colors, and the artistic sense of different perspectives is integrated into the design. The Department is combined with luxury and quiet.

The fantasy of light is likely to convey a kind of serene and beautiful, telling the most persuasive relief and the most expensive hope.

Color Series 2: Exploring Nature

From natural forces, mineral tones that are deeply shallow brings a clear sense of visual effects, and create a unique style image. With natural plant color as the core, low-key stable neutral colors present nature natural primary color, elegant tones echoing spring flowers, flame red and green embellishment outlined vitality.

The natural space created by tranquility, harmonious colors, has a healing role in modern urban people.

Color series three: urban microcomputer

The urban series of light, relaxation and freedom responds to people to broaden their horizons and enjoy outdoor needs. Draw inspiration from the city, the contrast of harmony highlights the color relationship, adding light function elements, and simply freedom, yearning, the distance is present in front of you.

Whether it is a fabric or a mashup method, it has led a new elegant to disclose the rationalism of urban buildings.

Color Series 4: Summer Day

Creating a comfortable creating atmosphere in a quiet scene, walking on the beach between granite, relaxed summer atmosphere, perceived and sublimated the spiritual world of the inner heart, passing the attitude of vibrant freedom and the natural happy.

The color of the entire series is light, and the color of the nearly no added is likewater, and the artistic breath that is visible everywhere, looking for ideal common Utopia.

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