In fact, tell you how important the maintenance bag is!

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In fact, tell you how important the maintenance bag is!

2021-11-26 00:13:23 6 ℃

Gucci as a world-famous luxury brand, which is also very popular in China, a lot of people who have purchased, and people who have idle Guchi bags to handle demand. The store often has a customer who sells for sale. Two customers have brought four Guchi 1955 hippocket bags to be sold.

These bags have some common, and the outer surface of the bag has slight wear, and the metal fitting also has a slight scratch and wear, and there is a little fading, the inner liner is slightly wear and stains. One of them, customers may be used in use or when they are usually used, so wear, scratches are more obvious, and the stains are also more, and there are cracking.

Obviously, the recycling price discount of the front bag is definitely higher than the latter, so it is more important to pay attention to maintenance when using the bag. After all, these luxury goods will not always use, and will eventually become idle items, and they can return to this.

Then we need to pay attention to it when we usually use the bag! Try to keep the bags dry and store them in a cool place. Do not let the bag load too heavy when used, avoid cracking or deformation. Metals should pay attention to avoid contacting chemicals or rowing, and humid environments can easily oxidize metal. Different colors should not be stored together for a long time to avoid dyeing.

Anyway, be careful when using it. However, don't be too nervous, or I will probably affect my use of new products.