The hot mother circle added a new member, Lin Yi morning postpartum completion, blessing, wearing golden long skirts

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The hot mother circle added a new member, Lin Yi morning postpartum completion, blessing, wearing golden long skirts

2021-11-26 00:12:59 7 ℃

At the end of the year, the stars should be busy, and all kinds of red carpets and activities are much unclear. Of course, many people eat the most attention to the most attention or female stars to participate in the activities, beautiful and temperament, the fumes of the female star are always bright. Among the many shapes, the tube top skirt is probably the most common style, fashionable and women taste, the key is high-level fashion.

Xin Jin "Mom" Lin Yichen attended the event, wearing a tube top skirt, which is the first time she is in the first time, successful. The hot mother circle added a new member, and Lin Yi morning completed the blessing, a golden tube top dress was amazing. The powerful charm of the tube top skirt, through Lin Yichen's shape, it is very in place, really displacement.

Wearing knowledge points: golden gold color, noble and exquisite

Stripet selection on color and dotted, you need to fit your own advantages and style, and it is a good points of addition. Lin Yichen This golden color is a wonderful glamorous, gold symbolizes the high-level, highlighting the quality of the lady of Lin Yichen, and the sequin is embellished with a golden rustic sense, which is more gorgeous under the light. It can be said that this tube top dress is very good, and since then, she has also joined a hot mother.

Wearing knowledge points: wavy collar, sexy and not keen set

Under normal circumstances, the neckline is a place that everyone is not very concerned, but the exquisite dress design will take this detail, compare the leader of the word, the combination of wavy collar and tube top skirt, more sexy woman taste. The wavy neckline surrounded the outline, and the stained tailor has formed a highlight. At the same time, such design also avoids problems such as transition, which can be said to be a lot of advantages.

Wearing knowledge points: hair style adjustment overall style

We all know that the model is a whole, including bag, hairstyle, accessories, etc., mutual fusion to present a better state. When wearing a smear skirt, it is a sexy domineering or a charming style, or a small princess of Jiao Li, also needs to be modulated.

Lin Yichen is a "three or seven points" big back, which has a big man's president. This hairstyle makes a very domineering and mature, and it is very in line with her new stage of life after she promotes her mother. More maturely taste.

Wearing knowledge points: the position of the waist line, the tightness, very important

Wearing the chest skirt, there is a slightly tightening design in the waist, it is quite common, you can outline the sexual body curve, and the picture is more charming. But the location of the waistline is especially important. Generally, it is recommended to come up with some, and you can create a perfect body proportion, and the lines of the lower body long legs can be created. In addition, the tightness also needs attention, like Lin Yichen's body, the waist design is slightly loose, and it can be slimful.

Lin Yichen Other Tobacket

1 deep purple tube top skirt

Deep purple is a very advanced color, which is a mature, combined with a tube top dress, is more perfect for mature women's elegance and sexy. This deep purple tube top skirt, the design of the bag hip has increased the fashion shape of the fish, which has both sexy waist hips curve, and the high-grade skirt shape, plus tube top skirt large-scale skin cutting Every action is a refreshant.

2 splicing tube top skirt

Splicing is a very eye-catching design that allows the tube top skirt to get rid of the passerby, reducing the chances of hitting shirts. Dark blue, pure white, black, is a very basic color, stitching without coloring, and various colors create a variety of irregular patterns and become fashionable. The skirt is worth learning from white, refreshing and beautiful, and beautiful and pleasing.

3 satin tube top skirt

Satin is a very advanced, precise material, smooth surface, and full of dreamer, combined with the sexy charming of the e.g.moth. This ink green tube top skirt, upper body under the big skirt, elegant, high-level. The black necklace in the neck, adding a few more retro charm, and the application of the accessories can really add delicate and delicate feelings.

The hot mother circle added a new member, Lin Yi morning postpartum completion, a blessing, a golden long skirt. Look at Lin Yichen's tube top dress, do you think beauty?

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