Suddenly married!Also pregnant!This double-band "fat-fat eyes" knows that the melon is not small.

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Suddenly married!Also pregnant!This double-band "fat-fat eyes" knows that the melon is not small.

2021-11-26 00:14:06 7 ℃

Didn't think of it!

Let's see the big bus from Xiaoying.

Suddenly announced that I got married in January next year, now there is a baby in my stomach.

This news, I suddenly made a netizen for 2G.

Um ~ is also an actor and a child star.

There are also 20 years old, but it is more paste.

Cui Tajun, this year's TV series "So I am married with black powder"

In fact, the two people have been in love for 4 years, but it is really low-key!

In 2017, it was exposed to love, but both parties wondered brush denied

It was exposed in March in the past year.

The woman also denied it, or the same tone.

"Love is not the fact, the two are just close relationships."

As a result, the D-News is now chasing the face, releases photos of them in February 2018 and February 2018.

No intimate action and expression.

But ... suspected two times wearing a couple.

As a result, I have to say truth.

Male company - Cui Tajun and Park Xunhui have become a lovers from the end of last year.

Female Company - According to I confirmed that Park Xunhui and Cui Tajun have developed into lovers from last year, and always take a beautiful feelings. Please take care of the two people who carefully interested in recently.

It is quite embarrassing, and I'm thinking about it?

I didn't expect it, I haven't broken up for so many years!

I didn't expect that Park Xunhui really really chose him to be a husband!

In the Korean entertainment industry, although Park Xun Hui is not a big beauty, but in the years, there will be "male gods harvesters".

The handsome guy who is close to her is really a basket.

In 2009, "It turned out to be a beautiful man."

First, Zhang Genshuo, leaving a relationship during the play.

It is often seen in private, and it is also exposed to the same cell.

Park Renhui sent Zhang Genshuo mother like her, I want to make her daughter-in-law.

Zhang Genshuo has also exposed his analitieva, and everyone guess is Park Xunhui.

In addition to Zhang Genshuo, and "the original is a beautiful man" male second Zheng Rong and the male three Li Hongji also played very well.

Will be aid

You can call you three more and night.

In 2013, the partner Li Min Ho played a big burst "successor", except for daising and reputation.

Also got a gossip.

At that time, the media was exposed to the two fake play truth, secretly intended for 2 months.

Unfortunately, the prostitute was later deployed.

There is really an object, but it is not Park Xunhui. It is Zhi Zhi.

In the past, Park Xunhui also partner Li Zhongshuo played the "Pioca".

Take another double harvest!

Decreated by D Social Examination Overseas photos

Make CP powder, a carnival!

However, Park Xunhui has a fire in the air, saying that it is just advertising.

Li Zhongshuo's company also said that love is unfounded, just close friend relationship.

At that time, DHI didn't have more evidence, but it still sent a long text.

Sorry, "super intimate friendship", yin and yang strange, I wish them "friendship is long long"

One piece of this pile is indeed "straight male".

And Park Xunhui is a non-concealed special "hate".

As early as a variety of variety in 2015, she said that her dream is married.

"I used to get married 23 years old. I didn't have it now, I think about it about 30 years old."

Park Xunhui, 31 years old this year, is also a perfect realistic wish!

Blessing, sprinkle ~

In front of it, Park Xunhui is not a big beauty in the entertainment circle, but why can it become a "straight male"?

I think, I have a pair of crystal clear laugh and talk.

Have to say, the eyes are good, really can add points to the value.

So in order to add, the exquisite pig girls are tied to the night, and the big eye cream is bought back to maintain.

However, it is a few days, in a few days, the eye-catching dark circles are not dim, and the fat particles are rapidly.

Although it doesn't hurt, it is really ugly, the makeup can't stop.

If you want to have a mask, you can't transfer your sight at all.

When talking to people, the other side's sight stared at that grain, and was also taught by colleagues. I saw something that I saw:

Really too ugly, and then look "destroy":

And this thing is really hard!

I saw that netizens said that they were squeezed, triggering the inflammation of the whole eye, and it was terrible:

There are also sisters say what antibiotic cream, but how do this thing dare to wipe your face? ?

There is also a sister to do a laser, spend nearly 1K, the result of the pit is filled, I have to spend more money to do repair, too worse:

The fat-fat eye cream on the market is either expensive, or no effect.

Today, Xiaobian recommends a South Korea's fire-fat eye cream. It can "dissolve" out of fat particles, smoothing fine lines, eye bags, and improve the dark circles.

Mohora Eye Cream can be bought in South Korea, Dota Duty Free Shop and Mingdong, Hongda, and Pear and other popular stores!

This eye cream is in Korea is the "Sales King" in Korea. Mi Ara Eye Cream is fired from Korea to China. He also recommended it in China's magazine.

"The dark circles are really weak"

"Go to fat particles + fade the eye pattern, after the eyes are brightened"

"Classic ingredients containing Michara: Alcohol"

"The" price-specific lever "" "fat particles are really falling" "Little Potato" is also a lot of vote, and the book notes are constant. It is praised by the heart ~

Even the volunteers used two weeks, fat grains were really disappeared, dark circles, and what is also more died. ...

It also has the function of adjusting the metabolism of the epidermis and stratum corneum, speeding up the discharge of waste fat, I feel that the fat particles can be reduced in two weeks.

Available from the inside to improve the form of the elastin of the skin, activate the energy and regeneration of the eye skin.

Simple smear, I will find that the eyes are not only firm, and when you wash your face, you get smaller and smaller, gradually start to fall off.

Like me this kind of thousands of old fat, it is not enough KO, it will gradually dry, and I don't know when I have lost it.

Speaking of Michara, I believe many people know! As the most popular brand in Korea, I can't get its figure in China.

Its sisters have a yellow sugar to the horny, live broadcast "one brother, a sister" is among the madness, selling tens of thousands of bottles in two minutes!

The founders of Asia Macao launched the first principle of gentle skin care for the first principle of Asian eye skin.

South Korea Macaora has been taking efficient choice, and the ingredients are detected by institutional certification and customs.

I used it for half a month, and the fat grains slowly becomes smaller, and the eye pattern is also light. In addition to doing daily eye care, use in a letter of law, look up, neck, not distressed?

Users praise:

Selling a fried chicken in major shopping platforms, a lot of praises: "The fat particles are really flat!" ! ! The repo rate is super high!

The key is that the price is really super high! The same effect, the price is more close, can't get started!

"After the age of 25, it is necessary to say" this sentence is really rotten, but think about it, who dares to say that you can't wrinkle, fatage?

It's hard, you are really willing to cover up the dirty thing of the big eyes.