Women wear leggings, need to avoid 4 "lightning area", otherwise noble leggings are ugly!

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Women wear leggings, need to avoid 4 "lightning area", otherwise noble leggings are ugly!

2021-11-26 00:13:47 14 ℃

5: Leggings are the most popular woman in all trousers, because no matter what season wear it, and leggings are also very good, the most important thing is that leggings can make it The person is thin, so the leggings have become a good choice for those slim sans. But do you know? In fact, there are many things that need attention when wearing leggings. If you don't pay attention, the effect of wearing leggings will become very bad. So women wear leggings, avoid 4 "lightning area", otherwise noble leggings are ugly!

1st: color is too bright

It used to make the leggings and black, but now the merchant creates a lot of colorful leggings in order to cater to the young people, although these leggings look at it, but the actual effect on the legs is very effective. Oops! Take Mint Green, Mint Green is a very bright and fresh color, it seems very vitality, but if you make the color of the pills, it will be very embarrassing, because of the saturation of the mint green Too high, it will make your skin look yellow, and the mint is very deteriorated. Many people wear legs are to be slim. If you choose a mint green leggings, you will play the opposite role, so It is best to avoid the colorful leggings when you usually wear leggings.

The second: pattern is too fancy

Many small friends have chased trends, like dressing fashion, so they don't satisfy solid pants, I like wearing some leggings with patterns. Think of the pattern of leggings, but given only the feelings of both, especially those patterns too fancy leggings! The pattern is too fancy leggings look very unstable, it will reduce your overall temperament. So everyone is best to wear the pattern too flowers, otherwise noble leggings are ugly!

Less 3: Black translucent

Black and translucent leggings have a cheap sense, wearing a woman who will not become a feminine, but also reduces temperament. Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that everyone should wear black and translucent leggings. You can choose pure black leggings. It is not only slim, but also let you look more temperament, the effect is more transparent than black. Pants is much better.

About women wearing leggings, need to avoid 4 "lightning areas", otherwise noble leggings are ugly! Do you have any differences?