Where is the neckline of the clothes, the face is best?

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Where is the neckline of the clothes, the face is best?

2021-11-26 00:13:13 5 ℃

The short sister of the neck, the feeling of the upper half is more than a loss, is more fat, it looks not spiritual. If it is a bit more, it affects temperament. At this time, the word collar, the high round collar costume is a big taboo!

Conversely, we have to increase the extension by the part of the neck below the neck. The five short figure tells us that properly naked part of the skin on both sides of the neck can make the neck fiber.

With sharp collar, V-collar can make your neck show. Therefore, the two stresses must be unwind to the shirt.

Face type modification


A horizontal narrow neck shape can create a trend of lateral movement. For example, square, word, one shoulder, etc. The horizontal collar can make the face more embarrassing.


A vertical neck shape can create a longitudinal exercise trend, such as V-neck, diamond collar, Helt collar, etc.

The longitudinal collar can be a feeling that the face produces longitudinal flow. With this basis, different face-shaped colors are very good.

Round face

The round face is equipped with a circular neckline, which makes it particularly gentle and cute. This is of course not ok, if you want yourself, you can do it, you can achieve your expected results. However, it is also necessary to bear the risk of becoming a small meat ball.

The circular plus the shape of the inverted triangle will give strong vertical dynamic sense, the whole will be very classical and coordinated. For example, the picture below, the face is relatively short, belonging to the doll face, wearing large V-colors can make the face and neck eyes, but also increase the symptomatic breath.

Long face

The long face is of course to choose a rare collar that generates a horizontal dynamic sense. Unless you want to strengthen your own characteristics. The long face is very suitable for dressing the round neckline, and there is no problem with the collar. (Unless your neck is particularly short)

The effect of the long face wearing big V is there is no round face, which will make you look longer and look too mature. The choice of this necklace is added.


Wide face as round faces to avoid horizontally dynamic collars, and it is best to choose a soft neckline.

V Need is a good choice.