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Art Circle Fashion Master Anthony, Davik

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Such a beard you familiar it? It also has a name, "Van Dyke" type beard, meaning not an accident?

The beard is actually a 17th century Queen's beard King Charles I, and in the United Kingdom 200 years after the very popular, in addition to "Van Dyke" type beard, there is an epidemic, "Van Dyke style" knight service and one called "Van Dyke brown" paint, but does not work well was abandoned out.

Title: "Charles I on three sides like" Dimensions: 84.5x99.7cm

Year: 1635

Material: Oil on canvas

Do not misunderstand, Van Dyke is not a mixed fashion circles, but authentic court painter, mixed with the art world and palace circles.

However, his paintings are really fashionable.

Here is his 1622 painting in Rome created the "Mother Teresa, Mrs. Shirley Teresa Sampsonia, Lady Shirley".

Title: "Mother Teresa, Mrs. Shirley" Dimensions: 200x133.4cm

Year: 1622

Material: Oil on canvas

First saw the painting experience: This dress is too beautiful it!

The whole dress is sophisticated materials, stiff and yet soft, while the above multiple embroidery patterns, red, yellow, blue and white colors also focused on, but not completely overwhelming, but dotted just right.

Mrs. hands were decorated with multiple rings, wrist did not fall, although the decorative necklace and chest layer upon layer, but in addition make you feel extravagance pressing outside, and did not feel what is superfluous. Earrings and headdress is decorated with delicate, low-key head plumage color selection, with the turban and the overall mix are handled just right.

The second feeling: This is a personal matter.

Yes, Mother Teresa, is known as Mrs. Shirley married. But she has a head figure in 伊朗萨法维 dynasty, her husband is British Elizabethan explorer Robert Shirley. She took her own husband in the name of the Safavid king to travel all over Europe, by many royal reception, she herself is a devout Christian, often something all right to do charity, which ones are to recruit people to be see.

伊朗萨法维 dynasty founded

The painting does not tell you if the name is "Sir Henrietta Maria and Jeffrey Hudson Dwarf Henrietta Maria and the dwarf, Sir Jeffrey Hudson", you would not think the lady next to a child ?

Title: "Sir Henrietta Maria and Jeffrey Hudson Dwarf"

Dimensions: 219.1x134.8cm

Year: 1633

Material: Oil on canvas

Court that period very popular this hollow, like Maple Leaf collar shape. I do not know when the fashion trend will reproduce this scene?

Below this picture is Van Dyck's creation in 1638, it should now be put as "Esquire" cover.

Title: "Lord John and Bernard Stuart, Lord."

Size: 238 x 146 cm

Year: 1638

Material: Oil on canvas

Men to the right of Sao particularly gas, burning 400 years after the current popular wool roll hair, wearing a 2020 Pantone Fashion Color - classic blue coat and pants, that was not enough, but also specifically lifted the silver lining in space shirt tinkling Joseph, I am a king universe fashionable look. Canada pant boots, it is not important, or high-heeled shoes. Of course, hollow lace on the seams and then popular hollow fake collar are not the same as falling tell him the most fashionable.

Men's relatively low-key on the left, but the full set of clothing design and color also spent a lot of thought, it is worth writing two good good fashion look.

Geek sisters this group portraits, two of the background is not the same kind of feeling through. Secondly amazing consistently high hairline may be popular at that time, I personally really like the plain clothes to highlight material.

Van Dyke pen clothing, glossy performed well, then there are times that the royal family is very loving pearl jewelry. But then the pearls are natural pearls, size should be is not the same, but Van Dyck's pen, they have been the beautification process.

Van Dyke, full name Anthony van Dyck Anthony van Dyck, March 22, 1599 was born in Antwerp, a wealthy merchant family, he was the seventh child in the family.

Title: "finger sunflower self-portrait" Dimensions: 73x60cm Year: 1632 Material: Oil on canvas

10 years old, he began to study painting.

15 years old, he became an independent artist and founded his own studio.

18 years old, he became a member of St. Luke in Antwerp painter Association.

19 years old, he became the master of Rubens's chief aides, Rubens was also called "the best students." This is simply other people's children is another classic case.


In 1620, 21-year-old the first time he went to England, it will work for the King of England, James, in addition to reputation but also earn some money.

King James I of England

In 1621, he went to Italy, where it stayed for six years.

In 1627, he returned to Antwerp to be five years.

By 1630, he became the governor of Flanders Habesburg, Isabella. During this time, he also made many religious works, including large-scale altar paintings, and started print creation. Work Name: "Self-portrait of Jixiang and a young woman" Size: 23.5X30.6CM: 1630

In 1632, he was invited by Charlie, England, returning to London into the main court painter.

He often boarded the hot search in England, became a red man in the art circle and the court circle. He painted many kings and the Queen and Wang Zi 's master. Many portraits have been made into different versions, which is given to their supporters. He probably draws forty characters, more than 30 Queen's portraits, and other portraits of the ministers. So you can check the 17th century Charlie Examples.

Work Name: "Charlie I and San Anto" on horseback

Size: 368.4x269.9cm

Age: 1638

Material: Band Oil Painting

In 1639, Van Daik married. 1640 - 41 years, because the civil war is imminent, he spent a few months in Flanders and France. At that time he was sick.

In November 1641, Van Dai Kewa has deteriorated from Paris to the UK.

On December 1, his only daughter was born.

On December 9, he died in London. Is only 42 years old.

On December 6, 2018, the Classic Art Week, Christine, the classics of Anthony, Daik, "Mary Princess Princess Mary", which is the work of Daiko in 1641. This rare work is estimated from 500-8 million.

Mary's princess is a daughter of Charlie I, in order to consolidate the relationship between the UK and the Netherlands, she married at the age of 9.

It is easy to identify from this painting, gorgeous clothes with unique shiny collar, neat pearl necklace. In order to illustrate this portrait of the princess, the princess's unnamed referred to the wedding ring.

Van Daik's most famous is his European aristocratic portrait painting, which affects a multi-century British portrait painting style. He is also an important innovator in watercolor and etching.

Work Name: "Antwerp's Mary - Louis De Tasis": 1630

Material: Band Oil Painting

Work Name: "Portrait of Mary Hill, Killang Lady"

Size: High: 113 x851cm

Age: 1638

Material: Band Oil Painting

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