[Shark to the new energy] Chery new energy fancy pet customers is explosive

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[Shark to the new energy] Chery new energy fancy pet customers is explosive

2021-11-26 06:03:19 9 ℃

Our Tiggo E, I said today. The strength of the car is still very good, I know, let's take a look at it next.

First, from the perspective, the Tiggo e car styling is very clean and refreshing. The grille model uses a variety of design, which looks very fashionable. The headlights are very in line with the aesthetics of consumers, and the whole is very dynamic. The car is equipped with LED day running lights, headlights are highly adjusted, and the headlights are automatically opened and closed. Come to the car side, the vehicle body size is 4358mm * 1830mm * 1670mm, the car uses a cool line, the car looks very fashionable, with large thick-walled tires, and the shape is quite cold. The end of the car, the tail looks very fashionable, the taillights show an elegant design style, plus the unique exhaust pipe with the shape of the shape, and the overall looks very full.

Sitting into the car, the Tiggo e interiors look very concise, full of battle. The steering wheel styling gives people to the eye, using the cortical material, practicality and color value is not bad. From the perspective of central control, the car should be controlled with a simple and stylish touch LCD, so that the interior design is quite a sense, look at a sense of technology. Finally, look at the dashboard and seat, the car dial exhibits a spiritual design style, showing excellent results. The car uses a cortical seat, the seat is in place, and the overall comfort is good.

Tiggo E mounted a 120 motor, with a battery pack of 53.6, reached a 401 km endless mileage. The entire motor parameters, in the motor in the same level, can provide better endurance performance.

The main / passive safety configuration of Tiggo E is very complete, including brake power distribution (EBD), side safe gas curtain, traction control (ASR / TCS, etc.), body stability control (ESP / DSC, etc.), after reversing radar, tire pressure monitoring , Uphill assist, steep slope, fatigue reminder, mobile phone wireless charging, child seat interface, brake anti-lock (ABS), brake assist (EBA / BAS, etc.), LED day running light, automatic parking, etc. .

Among them, braking force distribution (EBD) guarantees the smooth safety of the vehicle; traction control (ASR / TCS, etc.) enables the car to achieve the best traction in various driving conditions; steep slope rejection can be safe and low-speed through steep road conditions.