Zhang Huashin, the national first love

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Zhang Huashin, the national first love

2021-11-26 06:03:51 5 ℃

Zhang Ruoan has been in love with the national love, this time, the depression patients played in the "Female Psychologist" Eun, let me see her strength, the little girl is absolutely not simple, her face is eating, she is really hard. #star#

Zhang Ruo Nan is born, when she is still a small net red, I really think she is really a look of the old man!

Zhang Rangnan's most distinctive place is her stage, laughing apple muscle and nose, smile line, lips and chin, the whole forms a perfect smile, but why everyone really likes her smile, and the human sweet sister origin!

Zhang Rang's color value:

The contour, her face's overall contour is a small and narrow face, the upper part is full of round, the lower part is small, but it will not be particularly pointed, his overall outline is very smooth, plus her age is very Small, the collagen of the face is full, it is to give young and vibrant feelings.

The five senses, her eyes are small pair of double eyelids, the eyes are long, the end tail, the overall feelings will not make people feel aggressive, very pro.

Her mouth is really very good, very happy, there is no lips, very full but I don't think it, the lip peak is obvious, the lip line is clear!

Ordinary people's beauty thinking:

Zhang Rangnan has the feeling of the first love, is that her overall facial features are very low-key, no aggressive.

In the eyes, we can choose the makeup to the eyes of the eyelids, of course, can also improve the eye through medical beauty.

Her smile is particularly attractive, derived from her apple muscles.

We can fill your apple muscle through hyaluronic acid, of course, if the apple muscle will not feel cute, then the baby sagged in the apple muscles, can consider the line of picking, help apple muscle back!

Of course, you need to be cautious!