2021 shake beauty short video and live marketing report

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2021 shake beauty short video and live marketing report

2021-11-26 06:04:02 3 ℃

As an important category of e-commerce belt, the sales score of the beauty schedule remain steadily. According to the statistics of the melon data, the average compound growth rate of the beauty makeup in the third quarter of 2021 was 12.5%.

In this regard, the melon data "2021 American Short Video and Live Marketing Report" came to see what changes occurred in the shake beauty industry this year? What are the potential tracks in the future beauty market worth paying attention?

1. The value economy promotes the growth of beauty market

Under the promotion of the value economy, the Chinese people pay more attention to the improvement of their own temperament, stimulate the needs of beauty cosmetics.

The mature sales model and the continuous development of the audience have also continued to grow in the beauty market in January, which increased by 188% from January, in September.

In the form of content, operators are also constantly exploring and enriched the ideas of beauty video, integrating the elements of the plot, wearing, mother-in-child parenting, and further enriching the beauty content ecology.

2. Consumption new generation to promote the blue sea market

In a fine classification, facial skin care is the basic category of beauty makeup, with a huge market consumption demand, long-term stable product sales TOP1.

In the face of high-frequency iterative market trends, merchants are synchronized to launch small capacity packaging such as travel / experience, using the prices of people to reduce consumer trial thresholds, and better mining potential users.

With the consumption of the consumption of beauty makeup after 90,000, personalized demand begins to break out.

Especially in the development of aesthetic multivular and Yue edible concept, more and more men also join the beauty of the beauty, male makeup, male skin care and other fine circuits began to rise, becoming an emerging blue sea market.

3. Composition and efficacy into users concerned

In recent years, the Party and the Efficacy Party have a big way, providing more ideas for the innovation of beauty makeup, and promoting the beauty of the beautiful makeup.

Many new brands conduct "market education" by content marketing, knowledge marketing, etc., enhance consumers' understanding of the beauty raw material products, and enhance the user's reliability of the product from the "ingrediental grass" level.

Consumers start to take the initiative to study product ingredients, efficacy and active ingredients. Among them, the primary semester of the primary and the old semen becomes a new pet.

4. International big-name admission seizes high-end markets

To seize the current trend with the new domestic goods represented by Hui Xizi, the perfect diary, and upgrade the product design, quality, etc.

At the same time, they will fully exchange new customs with short video, live broadcast, and gradually become the main force of online makeup sales.

On the other hand, the jimming is also vigorously promoting cross-border e-commerce business, which greatly stimulates the demand for overseas beauty products, driving SK-II, Estee Lauder and other international first-line beauty brand sales growth.

5. Interest e-commerce helps revenue revenue revenue

The live broadcast belt as a new life consumption model, and it also brings new opportunities for the beauty market.

Among them, the live sales of high-priced unit prices and other high-priced units such as beauticians, hair removal instruments continued to rise, and the side of the side also reacted that the price accepted by the user is getting wider and wider.

In addition, the long-acting exposure effect of beauty short video is not to be underestimated. When promoting beauty products, people can use their own product experience, easily let users have trust, improve the transformation of breeding grass.

Note: Some data is displayed only because of the limited space, not a complete report.