Dimmy Angel: Fairy is fluttering, elegant and compelling

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Dimmy Angel: Fairy is fluttering, elegant and compelling

2021-11-26 06:04:14 11 ℃

The dimensional fashion performance is left to the audience is a classic setup picture of a frame frame. Long legs, white rich, beautiful shawl, tenderness like the eyes of the water, the smile of Baimei Qianjiao, the fashion avant-garde costume, the model design of the Lei people, nothing, and fascinating.

Silver silk thread and sleeves are connected together, hands on the hand, walk from the road, swaying with the rhythm, too painful.

The back wings and shoes are butterflies shape, but the butterflies are vivid, like a butterfly elf dances.

Long hair fluttering, fluffy cloaks, have increased smart temperament, especially the blue tassels in the waist, just right.

Fluffy bow, gray wings light yarn material fabric makes the bottom liner, streamlined black pattern design, fairy fluttering.

The hair blows by the wind, which is in the air, white cloak, light pace, all of which are self-contained.

Open your arms, cloaks and arms are fixed together, just like a kite that is long.

The whole set of makeup is gorgeous and not doing, a bit like ancient times, the priests, the color and design are just right.

Red Chinese suit, the upper body is not only high, but there is a kind of aristocratic feeling.

Smile, hands with your hands under the clothes, a bit like peacock opens.

Blue waits and other silk drapes, as the rhythm swaying, dancing the S-type feel.

Tightening, long hair, half of the brain, half scattered on the shoulders, this big windbreaker, smashed the big brother's majesty.

Openwork black long cloak, blue costume, a cold, glamorous image.