The so-called "pure skin", where is the limit?

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The so-called "pure skin", where is the limit?

2021-11-26 06:03:37 7 ℃

Pure skin (Clean Beauty, also called pure beauty) This concept, although the fire has been in many years, from Europe and the United States to China, but most of me have skeptical attitudes. the reason is simple--

There is no unified standard, it is easy to


You have to say the definition of green, natural, and sustainable formula, Europe and the United States have COSMOS certification (standard document hundreds of pages), USDA has USDA, although there is no unique criteria globally, you can cover a chapter certificate.

However, in the purple skin, I always feel that there is a lack of point, it is the public's public gentle, and any product claims that pure skin, it will define a set of standards, sometimes Play a word game.

For example, some make-up have to add silicone oil, so silicone oil is allowed in its own standard.

In addition, there is no problem with phenoxy ethanol and alcohol, but some extreme brands will think that these components are "not pure".

It can only be said that the phenomenon of the bike is very serious.

Sometimes I am thinking

Can you do a little more, no matter what standard you have, do I meet?

I want to go, I can make a bottle of boiled water, or a bottle of pure plant oil is ok.

Other face cream emulsions essence, complex formula, more less additives to add some chemical synthetic raw materials, it seems to be "pure".

So I saw this repair oil cream of domestic new brand Ontop, but it was a bit curious: because of the first place from the ingredient table, I saw the last one.

As a face cream, it actually does not add any emulsifiers, thickeners and preservatives.

From the head to the end, it is natural extract and oil composition, which is pure, so that it is a little bit of the composition table ...

Asked about the founder, I found that in order to achieve this "extreme" pure formula, people have applied for a national invention patent (Topnatrol natural emulsion technology).

This specifically tells how to match all kinds of plant components, in order to do this more extreme formula, and from stability to the skin, it can meet the needs of efficacy, and the difficulty is really very high.

Before the relevant formula technology, there must be someone will ask: Why bother is so extreme, almost the same, people are not selling?

It can be almost three words, it seems that the technician is an insult -

Can you do it, why don't you try?

For this repair oil cream, its essence is really simple, emphasizing barrier protection, no anti-old, no whitening, no acne, just a function. Other features, their home already has a series of very good work-type essence (then let's talk about), the cream will not repeat, and make your own work.

With such a consumer, the skin may be very sensitive, and the ordinary cream has a little less unassured. It simply takes these unheartedly ingredients, leaving the most basic repair grease, it has become this product. .

From the formulation, the oil of this oil cream is very variety, the content is also high (35% added), if carefully distinguishes, probably corresponding to the two components of the skin barrier -

Seb lipid film and cell lipid


Many people will confuse these two concepts, although they are all oil, it can make a difference.

For example, the grease of the sebum membrane from sebaceous glands,

More triglycerides, wax esters, and free fatty acids

There is also a part of the squalene (so many people like to use its brother sketane).

In the cell lipid, the neuroyamide occupies a half-wural river, which is the cholesterol and other components.

The supplement like a sebum film can be made by various plant oils, and try to make up, because the fatty acid composition of a single vegetable oil is still relatively limited, and it is not enough to repair the sebum film.

For example, ONTOP uses purple seeding oil, grape seed oil, milk fruit oil, Huo Hakoba oil, white pond seed oil, etc., these greases are carefully, and there is still a difference.

Like purple seed oil, its linolenic acid and linoleic acid content accounted for more than 75% (linolenic acid content is the highest vegetable oil).

Since linolenic acid and linoleic acid are rich in double-bonded structures, naturally have better antioxidant properties, from the anti-old to whitening, there is a literature study, and the test directly to purple seed oil also found that it can be very good. The mice were protected from ultraviolet injury and reduced the loss of collagen.

In addition, ingredients such as rosemary or wood rhubin in purpleus seed oil, naturally have strong anti-inflammatory functions, which can reduce the inflammatory factors of the skin.

Soothing function is very strong

It is especially suitable for sensitive muscles.

As for Huo Hakoba, it has long been named. Its role is to supplement "wax ester" inside the sebum film. Due to the structure of the structure and the human body, the carbon chain is very long, so it is easier, what is the wind blows for the skin, Points of 点 霍 霍 油 就.

Let's take a look at this product for

Cell lipid


The cell lipid should be repaired, the neuroyamide and cholesterol are certain, so we can see that the formula has specifically added a neural amide NS (neuramide 2) and wild soy lipid (like cholesterol).

With them, more than 70% of the cell lipids can be supplemented well, the remaining fatty acids and triglycerides, there are so many vegetable oils that have just been said, they can perfect "card". Unlike a lot of past creams on the market, in order to pursue comprehensive, anti-old repair whiten dozens of components come together, this repair oil cream, the ingredients are introduced here, basically finished.

You can't see any hot role ingredients, because it only wants to do this, covering the sebum membrane to cell lipids, That's it.

It is best to do it in the field of yourself, don't make fun, this attitude is hard to be expensive.

I want to study the classmates of such formulas, I also help you study why the emulsifier, no thickener, and no anti-preservative cream.

In fact, a few plant components in the ingredient table, in addition to providing moisturizing,

It is a function of which has an emulsifier and a thickener


For example, lecithin and sterol in the wild soybean lipid, some protein structures in wheat protein have the nature of hydrophilic hydrophilic hydrophilicides, similar to ordinary emulsifiers.

The plant polysaccharide in the wrinkles of the wrinkles can provide suspension stability and thickening, and they are ingenious, and such an ultimate formulation is achieved.

Pure natural formula, although it is good, many products use more or less defects, such as the skin feeling, white strips, easy to corruption, and so on.

Ontop's repair cream seems to be more comfortable than ordinary creams, 35% high content grease is not thick, and the texture is a bit like a thick yogurt, showing a semi-flow state.

The oil content is high, it seems that it will be greasy?

However, this repair cream is applied to have a magical moisturizing, and it is more comfortable than the general essence. After absorption, it can feel obvious protectiveness, desert skin, and sensitive muscles will definitely love.

Nowadays, the concept of aromatics is very fashionable, and the pleasant plant essential oil tastes can affect emotions, which affects the status of the skin.

Therefore, Ontop has also joined the Armaless Army. I put 10 natural essential oils to the fragrance. The soothing feels obvious, and it is quite long. If you use it before going to bed, you can smell your faint aroma.

Going back to our topic of pure skin, in fact, in addition to the more friendly environment, pure skin in consumers, is more

Natural security & get near skin

No matter how many stripes you are,

Care for the skin is the first


Ontop's repair oil cream is based on pure skin, try to throw all of the risk components and make the formulation extremely streamlined.

Such an exploration, it is indeed a lesson of the new brands who are still telling the story.