Skiing from small people, fashion big names are selling equipment in Tmall luxury goods

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Skiing from small people, fashion big names are selling equipment in Tmall luxury goods

2021-11-26 06:04:33 13 ℃

Playing skiing, tanning, is this young man to welcome the most cool ceremony in winter. With the countdown of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the "ski" heat continued to rise in the country. In these two years, skiing has become a massive trend from a small professional movement, and the fashion people in the ski resort are getting higher and higher. The luxury big names that have always likes cross-border sports style began to launch ski series. The reporter learned from Tmall luxury products that hundreds of fashion big names in the winter are sold in Tmall luxury goods, including costumes, helmets, snowboards, etc.

In Tmall, American luxury fashion brand Tory Burch launched a new winter snow vacation series, including single items such as mountaineering boots, down jackets; Prada launches ski mirrors jointly with sports brand Oakley; luggage brand TUMI Titting launched multi-function double-wheel ski luggage Bag, Swiss Shoothing Brand Bally Balley launches portable anti-skiing insole. The same is also popular with sports brands, and luxury positive cross-borders have launched fashionable products for ski enthusiasts.

Figure: Chloé and professional ski brand FUSALP joint

GUCCI and the Down Jacket launched by the North Face cross-border Tmall luxury. Italian luxury men's branded Naña this winter opened a new outdoor series in Tmall, and sold PIUMA joint ski helmet, global limited number Snowboard, etc. French well-known luxury brands Chloé and professional ski brand FUSALP jointly launched the capsule series has also been placed, and there is a retro trend and professional.

The professional ski brands in the luxury community are also coming. "Blue Blood Brand" in the ski brand, German professional ski equipment brand Bogner, Kate, Kate, Mura, MuMent, the British sports brand focus on female sports, the professional ski clothing brand colmar I have released a new product in the hair.

"Most of the ski enthusiasts are fashionable people. They don't just enjoy sports, and they are more keen to share trend lifestyle in social platforms, and luxury goods are looking at this trend, and they have launched ski equipment, let this major. The exercise becomes more fashionable. "Tmall luxury related personnel said.

Figure: Prada launched a series of sports brands Oakley

The rapid rise in the domestic ski market, the high-level power of the ski, will attract more overseas high-end professional brands. According to the "China Ski Book" data in the MOB Research Institute, under the influence of "Winter Olympics", after the 2020 abduction, the China's ski industry has entered the expressway, and nearly 10 billion city high-income groups have become a skiing army. Among them, 85 business men are the most passionate of skiing. They are strong enough to pay for hobbies.

In addition to ski equipment, more trend movements, lifestyle categories have also joined Tmall luxury goods. According to reports, since 2020, Tmall luxury goods have a luxury brand to concentrate on the store. At present, there are currently more than 200 luxury brands to settle in, and bring coverage, clothing, jewelry, beauty, drink, lifestyle, etc. Multiple categories.

Review: Yu Fanghua