The 45-year-old woman died in chloasma, experienced more than 3 months, from full of face to the skin, the method is worth learning

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The 45-year-old woman died in chloasma, experienced more than 3 months, from full of face to the skin, the method is worth learning

2021-11-26 12:02:36 29 ℃

After the woman passed 35, the skin state slowly aging, and there were some spots on the face. Although they were old, they didn't mean tolerate the existence of Huangbian spots. If there is a spot on the face, adjust to regulate It is not a simple thing, many long-spotted female conditioning has not diminished in three or four years.

Today, I will share a real case. 45-year-old Liu Ms. Liu is 5 years. After more than 3 months, the story of successful dying chloasma is deserved. The method is worth learning.

First, a true, chloasma conditioning doctor


Ms. Liu, 45 years old, full-time housewife

Zhou Yong: Facial yellow buses, all over the cheeks, foreheads, etc.

Second, 45-year-old female patient's long-split history

Ms. Liu has begun to slow down from the child. Now his son is 5 years old, and there are more and more spots. There are no signs of retreat, and it has used a lot of faint whitening products, but there is no effect. It is sensitive to the skin, and the skin is teasing when the season is changed.

After Ms. Liu learned where the acquaintance, Chinese medicine has a good effect in conditioning the chloasma, so I visited a famous Chinese medicine in the local area, confirmed that he was a liver stasis, behind the old Chinese medicine. With the help, after more than 3 months, the spots on the face gradually decreased.

Ms. Liu under the suggestion of the old Chinese medicine, started to do twice "478" breath every day, supplemented the West, respectively, from the way to relieve the liver, promote blood circulation, promote melanin metabolism.

(1) "478" breathing method

Conditioning principle: 肝 理 气, relieve liver

If you want to be emotional, you will be able to manage your emotions. The sub-intersectional neurotrophic receptor is located on the inside of the nostril, and the sinus can therefore be stimulated by the method of stimulating the sympathetic nerve by conditioning the breathing method. The current relatively simple and effective method is: "478" breathing method.

Specific practice: - Repeat at least 2 times a day

1, the mouth is closed, only inhale with the nose, and the mobility 4 knots

2, relax the limbs and brain, hold breathing, and the mobility is 7 knots

3, finally exhaled with nose, simultaneous number of 8 knots

(2) Supplementary selenium materials and improve skin resistance

Conditioning principle: promoting blood circulation, promoting melanin metabolism

Dow up the chloasma problem, in fact, it is to regulate the blood and achieve melanin metabolism. At this time, I can add some 西, selenium, nicotin, vitamin, etc., can help expand blood vessels, promote blood flow, and have the effect of helping to activate blood stasis. The melanin also rapidly discharges in vitro with the flow of blood, no more accumulation, and the chloasma can achieve fade.

Specific practice: - Add 1 time after meals, three times a day

4. In addition to the treatment of conditioning in liver, blood stasis, these 2 points in life must pay attention to

1. Reduce direct contact with your mobile phone

There are some nickel elements and chromium elements on the mobile phone case. When these materials are directly in contact with the skin, they will stimulate the skin's barrier, which has some more infringes to the skin, which is easy to cause some allergic skin, which affects the normal metabolic ability of the cells, which will aggravate. The problem of brown spots, it is recommended to install a phone case.

2, do your face clean, don't sleep with makeup

Female friends usually make makeup Will force the skin state to deteriorate, the substances such as cosmetics remain in the skin, add the problem of chloasma.