Chanel, Ms. Chanel does not love high-grade black and white ash?China Red, the floating is actually good?

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Chanel, Ms. Chanel does not love high-grade black and white ash?China Red, the floating is actually good?

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Chanel Ms. Chanel is already synonymous with advanced fashion and eternal style. Such an elegant fashion queen's color is definitely high-level, sexy, glamorous.

However, unexpectedly, Chanel women like color not only black, white, beige such, but there is still Chinese red and floating!

Then, how does Chanel do the color of her favorite colors in Chanel's series of products? For Gabrielle Chanel, what is the unique meaning and feelings of these colors? Let's take a look!

Chanel logo



Il Rend Visible Le Rayonnement D'Une Femme.

For Jiaburi Chanel, black is a woman "rays four shots".



Black make Ms. Chanel remembers the childhood Obazine Church orphanage. It seems that the childhood experience is also known in the life of Ms. Chanel, everyone can't escape childhood.

Black was originally only used on Les Domestiques.

but! Our Ms. Chanel is a wonderful woman who does not take ordinary road. In 1926, the classic little black skirt was born, and the world was amazed.

Chanel small black skirt


From then on, it became elegant color (la castur de l'élégance).

J'ai Imposé Le NOIR. Il Règne Encore Car Le Noir Flanque Tout Par Terre.

"It is what I let black become popular. Now black is still ruled the fashion world, because black is better." Ms. Chanel said. Look, our speech, Ms. Chanel is so domineering, confident, queen!

Black, which makes other colors look profound (la PROFONDEUR).

Black combination with other color

Source: Les Couleurs de Chanel

Black, is very eye-catching on white label. The Chanel symbol in the picture below has become a century classic.

Chanel symbol on white label

Source: Les Couleurs de Chanel

The black cosmetic box is shining mysterious and elegant small box. Which girl can resist this mysterious and elegant small box? Ms. Chanel knows how to catch the hearts of the girls!

Black painted cosmetic box

Source: Les Couleurs de Chanel

Black, distinguished eye outline, making eyelashes thick. Who doesn't want to have a thick, shining big eyes!

Black eyeliner with eyelashes

Source: Les Couleurs de Chanel


Il Capte La Lumière, éclaire le visage, rehausse la beauté.

White, "it can capture the light, the face is more white, and the glow".

White silk


White pure transparent et de la transcendance.

White Ms. Chanel remembers the childhood to the church's headscarf and the father who bought her white dress when I was a child. It seems that childhood memories give Ms. Chanel not only black, and white.


White, it is the source of Light, which is a Coco Braided pearl necklace, which is a cacalaias and a bouquet surrounded by her, so she is in eternal spring.

White mountain tea


White pearl necklace


White, such as she never happens.

For example, she is in the Russian ballet founding a skirt, white as silk satin, such as a thin yarn.

Such as black is built to roll off the white twill on Chanel suit.

White twill soft


Black complements with white, which is not possible. Pure black and white, form a perfect match.

Black and white two-color is the brush stroke of Karl Lagerfeld, because this is the symbol of Chanel.

Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel Sign



Beige, warm, simple, nature.

Beige cosmetic box

Beige is the big land of Chanel Ms. Hometown Overgne Gully. It is the sandy beach of Duvie, Biariz and Venetis. Overgne


Venetian sand beach

For Ms. Chanel, beige is natural and healthy skin tone, is the color of nature, and is a luster that is scattered by the skin of the sun.

Source: Les Couleurs de Chanel

Beige mountain tea flower brooch

Source: Les Couleurs de Chanel

Beige will bring unparalleled comfort.

Beige flat shoes

Beige, different from classic black and white, it is between the two poles, demonstrating the neutral elements of elegant style.

Beige For Chanel makeup, it is a color that makes the skin.

Chanel makeup



Golden Chanel symbol

Source: Les Couleurs de Chanel

Golden Chanel suit

Source: Les Couleurs de Chanel

Duke of Xitin gives Many Parures, a lot of Parures, and she constantly creates golden costume jewelry.

Duke of Xitin gives Chanel's pure gold collection

Source: Les Couleurs de Chanel

Golden is the splendid embroidery of the religious sacredness in her childhood memories and the brilliant sparkling embroidery on the priest holy robe.

Golden is to bring her unlimited inspiration of Venice St. Maarc, Byzance and Baroque.

Golden, in Chanel N ° 5 perfume bottle.

Chanel N ° 5 perfume


Golden, metal chain with decorative rhombic clay classic handbags and button.

Lingerie classic handbag

Source: Les Couleurs de Chanel

Lingerie classic handbag


Gold, symbolizing Chanel's triumph and victory.


C'est La Couleur de la Vie, Du Sang.

Red, just as Jiaburi Chanel said is "the color of life, the color of blood".

Because red is used as a handbagging, it helps to quickly find the required things.

Red lining package

Source: Les Couleurs de Chanel

Red, is the color of the dyed double lips, is the unique sign of Jiaboleilo.

Chanel lipstick


She shows this high Zeclaration de Bonne Humeur.



"If you feel downturn, you will take some lipsticks, take the initiative to attack, men hate crying woman," Ms. Chanel. It is also a speech with the queen, and it is impossible to conquer the woman who conquered Duke of Xitin.

Ms. Chanel thinks to dare to wear red costume in the winter of the bleak, so that the street is full of joy and joy. This winter, wearing a beautiful Chinese red bar, you are the most exciting in Gai ~

Red Chanel clothing


Which color do you like most like Chanel?

Welcome to tell us in the comment area!

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