Jin Chen reproduces "large scale" to wear, suspended skirts to the belly, the body is too envious

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Jin Chen reproduces "large scale" to wear, suspended skirts to the belly, the body is too envious

2021-11-26 18:02:54 27 ℃

Coloring fresh and pink skirts because they have a mature woman with age. But this type of hue is also very popular, such as the dark people in the skin, the brightness of high-brightness, not to achieve a tender purpose, the whole person will be very rustic.

Jin Chen's recently wearing this soft pink dress compared to a pink to a lot. This low-key and gentle pink, can also exude the beauty of oriental women. If you choose a skirt with a skin design, you can also show a sweet and sexy effect.

This period is small catalog:

1. Jin Chen's wearing analysis;

2. How to match a soft and sexy dress shape;

Jin Chen's wearing analysis

The soft pink has a stronger eye effect, and there is not much to lottery, so we can choose the simple skirt out of the street like Jin Chen. The solid color dress looks more elegant, which can meet the need in the formal occasion.

This soft pink dress on Jin Chen also has a skin design, so you can exude more women. Slim silhouettes outline the golden-milded slim waist, the design of the big skirts can be thin, and the matters of the body are also very friendly.

How do you match a soft and sexy dress shape?

Tip 1: Skirt type label curve

The long skirt shape has always been very popular with mood women and mature women, but in order to wear their daily sense, we will avoid the style of the skirt. Exposed a delicate ankle, or a skirt with high-job design, the shape will be refreshed and beautiful.

This skirt is not a boom in Jinchen, and there is also a very good shape, the combination of high waist and long skirts, which can not only improve the proportion of women. Wearing in a petite person, it will also enhance the role of the gas field.

Many familiar women want to wear advanced sexual feelings. If the skirt does not fit, it is difficult to show the image of the graceful. For example, a strong dress that is strong, has a high requirement for your body. But everything is a lot of flesh, it may be out of the skirt.

Tips 2: Novelty and advanced

After choosing the skirt of your own, we should also choose the color of the trendy feeling according to the aesthetic orientation of the public. For example, on the basis of the high-grade of the solid color, select fresh aged pink, it will easily create a stunning effect.

When wearing pink, the yellowish woman needs to be quite careful. The saturation is high, and only the natural white skin woman can drive. Asian female skin tone is very warm, and the color of the brightness is very strong, and there will even have a soil.

In addition to choosing a light pink dress, we can try light blue skirts. It not only has the effect of age and tender, but it can also be more white. However, the blue belongs to the cold tones, with obvious visual cooling, more suitable for hot season.

Tips 3: Hairstyle is exquisite and expensive

The suspenders have a large area of ​​shoulder neck skin, which can show an elegant body. But if you match the long curl of casual, the shape looks very uncomfortable. Only after the bunch of the hair is in the brain, you can better show the beautiful neckline.

The long curvature of Jin Chen demonstrates, and has a generous feeling, particularly suitable for addressing formal occasions. The small style of the style is very delicate, it looks delicious, and it is still a color with high heels. It can appear more complete.

Analysis of the filming molding, we can find that as long as the skirt is fit, coloring the color, you can show the elegance of the Elegance. In addition, we should also grasp the details according to the occasion, when you need to attend official activities, makeup can't be too casual.