How to wear "milk coffee color"?Don't miss the wear of these down jackets

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How to wear "milk coffee color"?Don't miss the wear of these down jackets

2021-11-27 06:05:54 58 ℃

Wen: Nicole

Hi, I am nicole, is it ready to become beautiful?

In the autumn and winter season, the weather is getting colder, especially in the cold north of the temperature, must not have a down jacket to resist the cold winter.

Want to avoid bloated and obesity brought by the down jacket, preferred to choose the style and version of the right yourself, and then match the inner and lower. Especially the choice of pants, it can greatly reduce the bloated feelings brought by the down jacket.

Tips and down jackets, can be a tight black trousers, but it is also a leggings that can be worn, always cropping and elastic design is based on tight. Second, tights, with down jacket, considering the wild and generous, down jackets should be in the long section, long as the main, to create a passive disappearance.

This maximum advantage is that the ultra-absorbent legs. The lower body is mixed with a black tights, and the whole shape of the whole style is also showing the fullest, very eye-catching and generous. Of course, if the legs are not fine enough, they should be careful.

Winter is an indispensable down jacket, with a wide-leg pants seem to be a perfect match. Whether it is a small child, or a slightly fat girl, it is more like this combination. Minimalist down jackets, with chic harsh pants, you can show more beautiful colors, making your temperament more outstanding.

If you want to choose minimalist tea, you can choose minimalist tea. The milk tea is gentle and generous, wearing a lady. With simple short down jackets, fresh and elegant.

Milk tea down jacket + plaid pants, it is a sweet girl. Bread whipped milk tea short down jacket, it will not be too bloated, the down jacket outside is a matte material, and it is very soft and comfortable. The lower body chooses a green white gantry straight pants, this loose trousers, It's really the first choice for all kinds of bad legs, plus a pair of small white shoes on the feet, and cool and handsome.

The biggest key to the down jacket is "a simple" combination, because the plaid is selected, so the down jacket style wearing the down jacket must be the basic pure color, so that the two are mixed together More trendy look.

The lower body micro-fat sisters try not to choose loose down jackets and wide-leg pants, which is easy to cause expansion, look very fat, want to be slim, with tight black trousers is better. A small black trousers can be worn in the four seasons and will never be.

Small black pants + straight version, leg type problem can also be modified very well, black is visually able to play a thin effect, even the pear shape can be easily controlled. With loose down jacket, bring your own trendy, you can also wear the feeling of "tightening".

In addition to black trousers, it is naturally a small white trousers. Fresh bright white and dull dark black, white tones are not only the bottom color of the whole shape, or you can also highlight! Have its existence, can make the original serious overall bright eyes!

Direct paragraphs are straightforward, which can highlight your leg lines more uniform, especially those who have more legs, and slightly loose pants will be more easily reached more widely larger than those pants. Slimming effect.

Soft bottomless thick bottom camel Martin boots are soft and comfortable, and the thick role can also play with straight jeans.

White casual pants add camel snow boots seem simply casual, in fact, very reasonable, no shortage, not only the temperature is guaranteed, it looks very fashionable. White is a very eye-catching color. Although the casual pants are simple, it breaks the dullness of jackets and shoes, making the entire set of highlights.

This winter's Wang Wang is a down jacket + half-length skirt. This kind of wearing can be visually improved, and the style and the style of the skirt are numerous. Every half-length skirt and down jacket can create a kind The unique style, easy to create a gentle wear.

The straight knit in the knitted type belongs to the basic model, more elegant and intellectual than other half-length skirts, small women recommend more "down jacket + half-length skirt", this set of Wang CP is not only high, but also the whole person The temperament becomes gentle and soft.

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