Sweats can also be customized!Shangyun Group new theme sweater listed

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Sweats can also be customized!Shangyun Group new theme sweater listed

2021-11-27 12:08:27 40 ℃

After the winter, you will not open an amount! Shangyun Group recently launched autumn and winter new product custom theme sweater, the style is rich in color, but it can also be tailored, and the price "beautiful", "Ningning" takes you.

To say sweaters, it is really a king single item No.1 in autumn and winter clothes, and it is not divided into men and women, almost all ages can wear different beauty. The general base circle, the classic is simple; the hat will not only have street tidals, but also better highlight the layers of shape, trend aging; leisure and fashion, the zip chain, no matter whether it is in the autumn Winter is very suitable. The most important thing is that sweaters can printed the company's exclusive logo as a working suit, color value and warmth.

According to the different needs of various people

The following three customization schemes are given


Pre-sale product

The pre-sale model is a sweater, round neck, hooded, zipper, 99 yuan, black, white, blue, green, etc., there is a number of black, white, blue, green, etc., within 10 days after payment.

The solid color sweater does not add any pattern, simple wild, comfortable skin and warm windshield.


Light custom product

It is to select the pattern custom service in the pattern provided, the price is 129 yuan, and it will be shipped within 15 days after payment.

It offers 20-way patterns to make consumers to choose customization, many of which are the characteristics of superior. The red series pattern continues the spiritual kernel of the red culture and combines the Shanghai iconic stone door and time annual wheel elements to highlight the immortal hope and dream of the new era.

Vivid and lively fonts and geometric pattern combinations, making the overall picture rich and spatial feelings, nor does it lose the fashion aesthetics. The slogan of positive energy is filled with joy, interest, etc. positive and beautiful meaning.


Personalized custom products

Personalized custom products are your own costumes, the price is 169 yuan, and shipped within 20 days after payment.

"Personality Customization" theme series of uniforms focused on excavating the distinctive characteristics of major companies, integrating corporate culture into design, flexiblely using their core elements, customizes the identified design plan, and presents new features of the team, highlighting the characteristics of the company.

Customization process

Step 2: Select Sweater Style / Color

Step 3: Select light custom or personalized custom links

Light customization in the details page Optional graphics, fill in the colors, custom graphics numbers, custom locations in the note bar, please contact customer service one-on-one service

Light custom and personalized custom goods do not enjoy seven days no reason to return

In addition to the uniform sweater, there is also an environmentally friendly canvas package custom service. The environmentally friendly canvas bag of the characteristic custom pattern, the bright tones and large-capacity volume, increase the feeling of youth, the beautiful out of the street, one of the weapons ~ worth recommending!