35 years old He Jie's body is finally thin!Wearing tights without muscle legs, handsome guy

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35 years old He Jie's body is finally thin!Wearing tights without muscle legs, handsome guy

2021-11-27 12:07:42 25 ℃

He Jie as a fast woman, the sweet song and the cute ancient spiritual face can be described as a lot of people love. Unfortunately, because of the relationship between marriage, it has fallen sharply. Especially after giving birth to three baks, her state is even more rare. However, there is no state in which she is planning to be planned to have still restored.

Recently, there is a media to shoot He Jie K, and the whole person has a leisure, a whole black look, the whole person looks elegant, there is no sign, the key is that there are many handsome guys.

For many microfatly ladies, wear a problem in daily life. As the fine-looked most basic, it is to choose a full black LOOK series. The whole black shape not only looks full, but also has a thin effect, but also highlights temperament. However, in the process of wearing, it takes special attention to the style, skill, and fashion elements.

Full black style

In fact, the black shape is very strong for microfatly girls. It not only reflects casual fashion, but the key is that the control of temperament is also very good, but the whole black shape is divided into model and loose style, both The effect of highlighting is also very different.

1 black meat is thin

Slim style:

1 Create a light-cooked wind and highlight elegant temperament

2 show your body and create a curve

Loose style:

1 black meat is thin

2 to create a random foot

He Jie This style is to choose a loose wear, and then create a vitality and casual. Because the whole black series is a single single, it is focused on the stylish element, single product, skill, etc., so that the overall shape is more complete.

Pattern dotted

If you want the entire shape to break a single dullness, then the modifications above the pattern and items need to be considered, the general pattern is divided into small patterns and large pattern dotts. The general small pattern is a modification, adding an eye-catching point and a bright spot to the shape; the large pattern is affecting the overall look, shaping extensive effect.

He Jie This shape is to select a small pattern or not, which can both reflect the feeling of layers. On the other hand, it can break the single one. For the overall LOOK to create an eye-catching point and highlight, add the integrity and flexibility.

Wear tips

In the process of wearing, for the entire black Look series, it must highlight the level of layering, combined with our daily wear discovery, highlighting the level of layers mainly includes:

1 contrast color match

2 short short

3 a loose

4 upgrade waistline

He Jie, this shape is selected to match the tights, which is formed with "a loose tight" dressing skill, which can both bake out the level of layers, especially combined with the waistline, make The overall shape is more complete. In the lens, there is a lot of slightness, and there is no muscle leg.

Improve the waistline method:

The waist line is actually very important for us. It can usually use the Sierra Corner, the waist belt method and other skills. However, for the microfatly little fairy, it is more suitable for the Sai Yixi. After all, it is used. The loose effect is capable of enabling meat, and it has highlighted the proportion of body.

Don't wear it so much

Like He Jie has a small lady with a small leg, you must pay attention to avoid choosing a tights, or it is easy to expose your shortcomings.